Fire Safety: Follow the rules and stay safe


Saturday is the start of West Virginia’s fall fire season, and while it may be tempting to spend a brisk October day relaxing around a backyard fire pit, it is legal to do so only between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. That is because the air is drier and winds are higher during the day, ...

Culture war battlegrounds

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You know the accusation that protesters and crisis actors are ferried around the country to perform as the need changes? Doesn’t matter what the cause du jour, these folks are there to stir the pot. Well, it turns out that may be the case after all, though not for the liberal, progressive ...

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: Plug in, Mid-Ohio Valley

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The Environmental Protection Agency reports that the transportation sector is the #1 source of carbon pollution in the United States. At 29% in 2021, transportation now generates the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions. Fortunately, every car company has production plans for electric ...

Look Back: Above the fire

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Making of Mantels Among the very busiest places in the city are the workshops of the Parkersburg Mantel Company, at 210-212 Avery Street. This establishment is steadily operated the year round and gives employment to twelve skilled workmen, besides a number of helpers. The members of the firm ...

Pro-choice, because of faith

Letters to the editor

I write this as a person of faith who values Life — especially the abundant life of human persons referenced in the Gospel of John (10:10). For some, valuing human life is expressed by strict opposition to abortion. I do not hold such a view, and my objective in this letter is to explain ...

It takes a village

Letters to the editor

The Republicans have been wringing their hands about immigrants pouring into this country since President Biden became president. Of course, we have had an “immigration problem” for a long time, but with conditions growing increasingly difficult in South American countries, we have more and ...