Diplomacy: Biden has huge task ahead of him


As President Joe Biden spoke before the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week, he had a lot on his mind. From a pandemic to human rights and social justice issues; from climate change to the end of a 20-year war, Biden talked about the world being at an “inflection point in ...

Blue Ribbon: Criss Elementary earned distinction


Wood County residents already know how well our schools have met the challenges of the past year-and-a-half, and how dedicated the staff, teachers and administrators are to providing the best education possible for our kids. One of those schools has performed well enough to earn rare honors, as ...

Obesity: Pandemic recovery will take some effort


Nearly every day, we learn of a new way in which COVID has affected us. Last week, data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed a new one: obesity. According to The Ohio Capital Journal, the number of states with high obesity numbers doubled since 2018, with both Ohio ...

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down


UP: To volunteers from the Education Alliance and students from local schools who honored first responders by power-washing around Williamstown High School, trimming hedges, planting flowers and performing other tasks to improve the area. “I wanted to thank all our first responders ... who ...

Reporter’s Notebook: A house divided

Local columns

I feel bad for Senate President Craig Blair and House Speaker Roger Hanshaw. I can only guess at how Hanshaw is feeling right now, but I can attest that Blair is tired as he tries to keep the Senate Republican Caucus together over the issue of COVID-19. I saw Blair a few hours after he led ...

Broadband: Accurate coverage maps are vital to progress


Internet service providers are challenged by West Virginia — that is no surprise. What might come as a surprise, then, is the Federal Communications Commission maps that rely on self-reported data from those same providers that falsely claim much larger areas of the state have internet ...