Op-ed: A generational opportunity for West Virginia

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West Virginia is the only state in the Union that witnessed an actual population decline over the past 70 years. That’s two generations of West Virginians who have left the Mountain State in hopes of finding greener pastures elsewhere. It’s time to bring them back, while also welcoming new ...

Mid-Ohio Valley Climate Corner: What can an individual do?

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Human-caused climate change is rapping on our collective door with increasing urgency and with palpable visibility—even in the Mid-Ohio Valley. Before this summer we knew about oceans rising, warming, and becoming more acidic, disappearing glaciers (especially in the northern hemisphere), and ...

Look Back: A home run of an elopement

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A baseball game becomes a guise for an elopement! The game of baseball is not only our “national pastime,” it is also a means of exercise, fellowship for players and fans, and on at least one occasion, a cover-up for an elopement. The main “player” in the elopement was Van Allen ...

Reporter’s Notebook: A second chance to learn local history

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This week, the Ravenswood community said goodbye to a historic motel that was once the pride and joy of a local family. I spoke to Linda Nichols whose mother and father, Jack and Sharon Yencha, owned and ran the Washington Motel from around 1980 to 2005. She said after the new and current ...

Fallacies, falsehoods and pseudo science

Letters to the editor

In response to a letter in the Sunday, July 18, newspaper, the Republican Party is still the sanest, most rational party when it comes to policymaking and cultural, political and economic issues. I’m sorry the author wishes to rewrite history to brainwash our kids. I’m sorry the author ...

Illegal immigration continues

Letters to the editor

I reported a number of months ago the vast numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing our southern border, but the estimates at that time have turned out to be significantly on the low side. The total numbers of illegal crossings have now reached 100,000 a month, with a now estimate of 1.8 ...