Look Back: New courthouse impresses (continued)

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The description of the interior of the new Wood County Courthouse, continues: Adjoining the criminal court room are two private rooms for the judges of the criminal court very tastefully frescoed with a novelty in ceiling design, known as the lace effect. Similar apartments for the use of ...

Pipeline infrastructure unlocks W.Va.’s energy potential

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West Virginia is an energy powerhouse, and it’s no secret the work we do here keeps the lights on across our country and throughout the world. In fact, natural gas production has grown 770% over the past decade – thanks to the advances in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling ...

End filibuster and pass voting rights protections

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In Bob Woodward‘s book “Peril” Senator Manchin is said to be willing to vote only for something that he can explain to West Virginians. I understand, he needs to explain his actions. I am a West Virginian. Let me explain what I see. My doctors explain that sometimes hard decisions ...

Entitlement dependency failing

Letters to the editor

Dear Senator Manchin, I know West Virginia from marrying a West Virginian from Parkersburg some 50+ years ago. As I read an article by reporter Lauren Weber about rural hospitals, I come to the horrifying conclusion West Virginia and other rural areas are losing the capability of caring ...

Manchin doing right by W.Va.

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Hall Drilling has proudly served West Virginia’s energy sector for close to two decades, employing hundreds of local workers that have helped our company become one of the most respected oil and natural gas service businesses in the Appalachian Basin. Our dedication, experience, and ...

Will Joe defend W.Va. law?

Letters to the editor

Do you know what happened in June of 2016 that is relevant to today? The legislators of the great state of West Virginia passed a law requiring every person who votes to show some form of identification before they can vote. That law has stood the test of time in West Virginia for five years, ...