On August 16, 1961, John (Jack) Horner and Patricia Wilson were married at Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church. That day would start a wonderful life full of travels and adventures together. They love to just get in the car and travel wherever the road leads them, even if it is down the ...


Barry and Carol Yoho of Mineral Wells will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Sept. 30, 2021. They were married on Sept. 30, 1961, at the Big Tygart United Methodist Church in Mineral Wells. Barry is the son of the late Ernest and the Edith Yoho and Carol is the daughter of the late ...


Ron and Carol Skeen of 706 Grandview St., Parkersburg, will celebrate their 40th anniversary on Sept. 5. A family dinner celebration is planned. On Sept. 5, 1981, Carol Ruth McConkey, daughter of William E. and Sarah Ruth Milstead McConkey, and Ronald Wetzel Skeen, son of Benjamin W. and ...


Paul and Emogene Tingler are celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary on from 2-4 p.m. Sept. 4 at the First Baptist Church in Williamsrtown. Come join in the celebration. No gifts, just cards.


Rex and Carolyn Miihlbach of Ravenswood celebrated their 50th anniversary on Aug. 14.


Aug. 7, 1961, Danny Tennant, a senior at Marshall University and son of Adrian and Hattie Tennant of 38th Street, and Carolyn Sue Buckley, a freshman at Mountain State College and daughter of Dexter and Helen Buckley of 36th Street, paid $85 to charter a three-seat single-engine Piper Cub to ...