Stories ripped from headlines

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New mysteries take a cue from real life tackling the #MeToo movement and immigration. Spenser returns to help a case that is ripped from the headlines in “Robert B. Parker’s Someone to Watch Over Me” by Ace Atkins. When Mattie, a college student Spenser once helped who now wants to be ...

Drug Sweep: Stopping drug abuse will need resources


Our state’s massive substance abuse problem may have been flying under the radar for the past several months, but law enforcement officials have been quietly continuing the fight. Quietly, that is, until Wednesday, when agencies in Jackson County conducted Operation Centennial, the largest ...

Op-ed: Where do we go from here?

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Our country is very clearly at a tipping point. The events of the last month have shown that we, in many ways, have lost our collective ethos as Americans. Our divisions have overcome our unity. Our judgment of others has overcome our compassion for their struggle. Our anger has overcome our ...

MOV Parent: Discipline your children at home

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It’s been almost a year now that your children have had their daily routines changed by the existing circumstances. Many things have just been turned upside down as to what we consider normal. Still that means we must continue to discipline our children now while they are still young, even ...

MOV Parent: Willing and able, aware and care

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In the dark comedy movie “Downhill,” a vacationing family faces imminent threat from an avalanche. The crisis of the story occurs when Will Farrell’s character Pete runs away right when his wife and family needed him the most. The rest of the movie entails Pete trying to regain his ...

Technology: Remote employment could aid West Virginia


When the world was turned upside down last winter, one of the immediate moves to stem the spread of COVID-19 was for employers to send their workers home, if they could. Suddenly many of us had to figure out how to work remotely. A host of technology companies were ready to hand us the tools to ...