Caring Adults: Burdette, Trammel go above and beyond


We know by now how much more we are asking of teachers these days, as they fill roles far beyond traditional education. What we often forget is how important the rest of the staff in our public schools has become to children who sometimes feel safe and cared for only when they are on school ...

Backyard Gardener: Colorado potato beetles

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Hello Mid-Ohio Valley Farmers and Gardeners! What a beautiful summer. We have definitely experienced some hot and humid days, but timely rains have kept our farm crops and vegetable gardens growing quite nicely. Irish potatoes are an Appalachian staple crop, producing good yields for cooking ...

School Masks: COVID-19 is still here and requires decisions


Unless something changes (and given the nature of this pandemic, it is entirely possible it will), West Virginia officials say there is no reason to impose statewide mask mandates on the state’s K-12 schools, colleges and universities for the fall. “I think we’ve made phenomenal progress ...

Back Issues: G.I. Joe, He-Man have history in toys, comics

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Two familiar properties hitting theaters and Netflix this week are best known for their action figure and animated incarnations, but they’ve got impressive comic book pedigrees as well. After a so-so pair of movies (to me anyway), G.I. Joe is back in theaters Friday with “Snake Eyes,” a ...

PSDs: Consolidation effort must deliver benefits


Wood County officials have begun to consider consolidation of our many public service districts, with West Virginia Public Service Commission Chairwoman Charlotte Lane weighing in Monday. “I am a firm believer that no West Virginian should lack water and adequate sewer services,” Lane ...

Consequences: Insurrectionists could use some soul-searching


Folks who have been keeping an eye on the consequences for those found guilty of crimes during the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection now have some idea how those rioters will be treated by the courts. Monday, Judge Randolph Moss sentenced a Florida man to 8 months in prison for breaching the U.S. ...