Books for young adults, new adults

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There’s several new books aimed at those in their teens and early 20s that will thrill, scare and talk about obsessions. Celebrity fandom and obsession is told in “Fan Club” by Erin Mayer. The narrator has a boring dead-end job at a women’s lifestyle website and no friends. But when ...

Make fresh bread!

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Do you like freshly baked bread, but don’t do well baking it? I have always wanted to make bread, and always seem to struggle with it. If you are like me, then look no further than “The Best of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” from national bestselling authors Jeff Hertzberg, M.D. and ...

Gratitude for generosity

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Many of us like to give and share and some of us more than others depending on our ability to do so. Sharing is important, but it must be done from the heart and not something you feel you must do. I personally like to help, give and share with others and our community. If I have a choice I ...

Little things taken for granted

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Two years ago, this month, I ruptured both of my quads playing adult soccer. For eight weeks I couldn’t put any weight on my legs and was in a wheelchair. My occupational therapists taught me how to do many of the tasks I couldn’t do, like getting dressed and using a special tool to put on ...

New Executive Director at Downtown PKB

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My first month as executive director of Downtown PKB has been a whirlwind of becoming acquainted with the Main Street program and its four-point approach of historic preservation, economic development, design, and promotion/marketing. I’ve also been meeting with board members, volunteers, and ...

Backyard Gardener: Lawn mower maintenance

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Hello Mid-Ohio Valley Farmers and Gardeners! October is moving along quickly and Halloween will be here before you know it. Harvest continues on the farm and our wonderful summer vegetables are winding down for the season. Cold weather is just around the corner and soon many homeowners will ...