‘Efficiency’: Adding new agencies just swells bureaucracy

One wonders where those in Charleston learned the definition of “efficiency.”

Last week, a bill was introduced on behalf of Gov. Jim Justice that would rename and restructure the Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety. Senate Bill 586 would turn DMAPS into the Department of Homeland Security, and realign the organizational chart with “new” Divisions of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Administrative Services and the Inspector General’s Office; in addition to the State Police, Intelligence Fusion Center, State Fire Marshal’s office, Division of Protective Services and the parole board, among other administrative changes.

So far so good, right?

But the bill also shuttles the West Virginia National Guard, the State Armory Board and the Military Awards Board back out to being their own standalone agencies. That means we’re creating “efficiencies” by adding an agency.

In fact, if the State Resiliency Office is created — to do what DMAPS should have been getting done in the first place — Justice and King Bureaucracy would like us to believe we are becoming more efficient by creating three agencies to do what was being handled by one.

It’s enough to make one wonder what the folks in Charleston will hope gets lost in the shell game.

Certainly officials at the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the hundreds of families still awaiting help after devastating flooding four years ago will be keeping a very close eye on the situation.

West Virginia taxpayers will, too.


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