Homelessness: Council’s compassion is commendable

Parkersburg city government continues to demonstrate the priority it places on helping those in our area who are homeless and struggling. With a recent allocation of $20,580, Parkersburg City Council aimed to reimburse the West Virginia Coalition to End Homelessness for services provided in the area.

Though Mayor Tom Joyce says he hopes the money will allow the coalition to keep a dedicated position in our community, coalition outreach supervisor Beau Stiles says he does not yet know exactly how the money will be used. Given the partnership that seems to have developed between the city and the organization, there is little reason to doubt it will be put to good use.

Remember, the Parkersburg Police Department also recently created a civilian homeless outreach coordinator position.

“It’s nice to … have a community that is at least willing to reach out and try to work with us,” Stiles said.

Certainly it is easier for the city to be willing to work with an organization that has been true to its word.

“They have proven helpful in getting people into safe, suitable, affordable housing,” Joyce said.

Let us hope such a positive relationship continues, and that all involved remain as focused as they are now on providing a hand up to those who are flailing in our community. Parkersburg is better for the compassion and commitment shown through their partnership.


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