Wood County real estate transfers

PARKERSBURG — The following real property transfers were recorded between May 13-17 in the office of the Wood County CLerk.

* Jae Rhys Investment to Jeffery W. Hearn, lot 59, Brierwood subdivision, Williams district, $29,500.

* Shawn M. Sheaves to Sherry Bender, lot 12, section B, Parkland Development Inc., sections A and B, City of Vienna, $163,900.

* Harry M, Shelnutt Jr. to Martin Arellano, lot 5 and part of lot 4, South Acres addition, less strip, City of Parkersburg, $47,000.

* Ronald E. Curfman to Zachary A. Feltrop, lot 33, M. Richter’s addition, City of Williamstown, $185,500.

* Stephen P. Cox to Copper Creek, LLC, tract, .8026 acre, Chichester Lane, Williams district, $22,000.

* Diana L. Travis to Daniel W. Travis, lots 1 and 2, John M, Deem Property, Steele district, exempt.

* Emprise Development Co. LLC to Med Properties Vienna LLC, all interest, lot, 6.743 acres, mall access road and easement, less exceptions, City of Vienna, $15,000,000.

* Gerald J. Antill to Christopher J. Witt, lot 6, J.V. Rathbone Heirs addition, City of Parkersburg, $62,500.

* Christina M. Burdette to James F. Dieta, co-trustee, tract, 1 acre, Keller Lane, Williams district, $18,000.

* Thomas M. Hoffman to Mary Clinton Thomas, lot 20, Forest Hill Acres addition No. 8, City of Vienna, $199,000.

* James H. Bailey Jr. to John W. Hartman, lots 48, 49, 50, 51, 52 and 53, Andrew’s addition, less exceptions, City of Vienna, $128,200.

* Kristie Johnson to Susan Diehl Owens, lot 9, Wentz and Gangwer’s Springdale Heights addition, $10,000.

* Sherry Gainer Frain to Brookside Manor LLC, all interest in lots 221 and 222, Franklin Place addition, City of Parkersburg, $20,000.

* Stephen E. Gainer to Brookside Manor LLC, all interest in lots 153-157 and lots 159 and 160 and lots 223-232 and part of lot 158, Franklin Place addition and part of lot Harman Street and alley and all interest in alley, less exception, less right of way, City of Parkersburg, $100,000.

* Audrie Ellen Crites to Steven C. Hall, tract, 30.90 acres, Big Run Road, Williams district, $75,000.

* Stine and Hubert LLC to Reva Danzig, part of lot 97, Maxwell and Pearcy’s City Park addition, City of Parkersburg, $44,900.

* Stine and Hubert LLC to Reva Danzig, lot 80 by 137 by 80 by 117, Second Street, City of Parkersburg, $100.

* Shane F. Hogue to Bennie B. Kerns, tract, 7.498 acres, Wood County local service road No. 50/37 and tract, 3.092 acres and right of way and part of lot 5, Robert Grant Estate, less exception, Clay district, $330,000.

* William J. Atkinson to Dustin A. Swartzmiller Jr., lot 27, Wakefield addition section A, Lubeck district, $143,500.

* DMP Properties LLC to Andrew P. Williams Jr., lots 50, 51 and part of lot 52, Grand View Manor addition No. 1, City of Parkersburg, $80,000.

* Matthew B. Yoak, indirect, to Vidas G. Dumasius, lots 36 and 38, Henderson Woods phase II and rights of way and easement, Williams district, $1,150,000.

* Frederick H. Powell to Thomas F. Hughes, tract, West Virginia 2, City of Parkersburg, exempt.

* Hughes Properties LLC to Thomas Francis Hughes, tract F, Oak Ridge Park addition, revised plat, City of Parkersburg, $150,000.

* Jim Park, trustee, to David M. Fleming, lot, .737 acre, Blizzard Drive, City of Parkersburg, $335,000.

* Donna Allen to Ray B. Allen Jr., all interest, tract, 35.723 acres, Wood County Road No. 17, Steele district, exempt.

* Nadine A. Memel to Corey M. Richards, lot 9, Hillsdale addition, City of Vienna, $164,500.

* Janice E. Hill to Molly J. Dunlap, part of lot 1, H.C. Hopkins addition, City of Parkersburg, $113,000.

* Michael B. Phillps to James B. Phillips II, all interest, lot 39th Street, City of Vienna, $88,049.80.

* Karen Bentz to Michelle L. Davis, all interest, lot 16, L. M. McDougle addition, City of Parkersburg, $16,000.

* Paul K. Mayo to Lisa Jensen, all interest, lot 175, Vienna Improvement Co. addition, City of Vienna, $95,000.

* Hazel Lucille Miller, indirect, to Ryan Scott Marlow, all interest, lot 4, Bickel Estates No. 2, less exception, Lubeck district, $170,500.

* Andrew A. Daniel to James Brian Hinkle, tract, 5 acres, West Virginia 892 and tract, 8.779 acres, New England Ridge Road, Lubeck district, $170,500.

* Craig C. Frazier to Douglas W. Bennett, tract, 1.441 acres and 1.577 acres, Westwood Drive with plat, Lubeck district, $230,000.

* John Matejovich to Andrew Michael Charles Traynham, lot 14, Russell’s addition, City of Williamstown, $145,000.

* Benjamin J, Kelley to Robert A. Barnes, tract, .0602 acre and right of way, less oil, gas and mineral rights, Union district, $105,000.

* Helen C. Sprague to John R. Whitlatch, lot 119, Maxwell and Pearcy’s City Park addition, Slate district, exempt.

* Jere L. Newberry to James H. Bailey Jr., lot 81, Roselawn addition, City of Vienna, $80,000.

* David E. Bostaph to Crystal Meeks, Lynn Street, lot 39 by 70 by 19 by 35 by 105, less oil, gas and mineral rights, City of Parkersburg, $2,800.

* Rebekah Debarr to Rufus E. Hoalcraft Jr., lot 119, Woodhurst Heights addition, block 1, City of Parkersburg, $132,000.

* J. David Easter to Benjamin J. Kelley, part of lots 4 and 5, W. H. Wolfe subdivision No. 2, Clarence Snodgrass Heirs property, City of Williamstown, $209,000.

* Wendy L. Fleming to Donnie D. Debrular, lot 104, Mt. Pleasant Estates, Slate district, $63,500.

* Teresa D. Carpenter to William G. Hickman, lot 76, 77 and 78, Greenland addition, Lubeck district, exempt.

* Matthew T. Packard to Steven L. Ross, tract, .452 acre, Lubeck district, $2,500.

* West Virginia Trustee Services LLC, substitute trustee, to Cynthia D. Rawson, lot 21, redivision, subdivision, Alpine addition, Tygart district, $117,000.

* Angela R. Crone to Richard L. Clark, lot 29, Roselawn addition, City of Vienna, $10,000.

* Tony L. Wright to Jennifer A. Pritt, lot 4, Eastlawn addition, City of Parkersburg, $69,900.

* Mark A. Weiford to Clyde George Way, lot 114, North Hills Estates, Town of North Hills, $160,000.

* Andrew C. Woofter III, PLLC, substitute trustee, to Devol Properties LLC, all interest, lot 31, Community Acres, Clay district, $30,000.

* Steven W. Kidder to Infinity Development and Property Management Group LLC, lots A and B redivision, Bentley addition, Tygart district, $56,750.

* Samuel C. Lemley to Leslie Joseph Lemley, tract, .5575 acre, Bull Run Road, Union district, exempt.


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