Teen of the Week: Edison Middle School student loves twirling, percussion

Harmony Watkins loves spending time with her grandparents’ puppy, Max. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Harmony Watkins has twirled since kindergarten.

She started at the same time as her older sister, Macie Watkins, and the two have been twirling together ever since.

“I love to twirl with my older sister,” she said.

Watkins said her sister is a mentor to her.

“I want to be just like her one day,” she said.

The Watkins family attends a National Honor Society Induction at Parkersburg South High School. From left, Michele Watkins, Harmony Watkins, Levi Watkins, Macie Watkins and Jeremy Watkins. (Photo Provided)

Thirteen-year-old Watkins also is a percussionist in the jazz band at Edison Middle School.

She said she has always wanted to be a percussionist. It complements her love of twirling, Watkins said.

“Well with baton twirling you really have to be able to keep the beat and I’ve always loved twirling, and that’s always been keeping the beat, and percussion is mainly just the beat of the band,” said Watkins. “I’ve always loved watching WVU percussion lines, so I’ve always wanted to do that.”

Watkins said she would love to be able to twirl in the future, especially with her sister.

“I hope one day that I can twirl in High School with her (Macie), and maybe college one day,” said Watkins.

Harmony Watkins receives the first place Drum Majorettes of America Mini-National 2021 Junior All Star Twirler award. (Photo Provided)

She said she has always wanted to go to WVU for college.

“I’ve always loved WVU football games, and they have a big featured twirler line, so I’ve always wanted to twirl there,” she said.

Watkins said she is doing really well in school. She is an honor student with a 4.0 GPA.

Edison Middle recently held a vote for student council, Watkins was voted to be on the council. Shortly after, the student council administrator asked Watkins if she wanted to go for the West Virginia state representative for middle school councils.

“We had a big meeting, and schools from all around the state voted, and I ended up winning,” Watkins said.

Macie Watkins and Harmony Watkins at the Erickson All-Sports Facility. (Photo Provided)

Watkins said she is in several school and extracurricular activities, which she volunteers through. She is a member of F.O.R. club, bible club, and the national junior honor society. F.O.R. club or Friends of Rachel, is a service and social club, Watkins said she has helped make donations and completed community service projects in the area for the club. She has also made donations to churches through bible club and helped with a food drive as a part of the national junior honor society.

In her spare time, Watkins loves spending time with her family, she said they are really close with each other. One of the ways she connects with her mother, is by crafting with their Cricut machines together.

“She’s very inspiring to me, because she’s always so sweet and kind to everybody,” said Watkins, about her mother.

She said she is unsure what she wants to do as a career when she grows up, but thinks she could use the skills she learns from her Cricut to go into the graphic design field. She also thinks she might want to do something in the medical field, since her parents work in that field.

“I love helping people too, so maybe one day a medical job would be good,” said Watkins.

Harmony Watkins is an eighth grade student at Edison Middle School. (Photo Provided)

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