Getting cozy with mysteries

Three new cozy mysteries are ready to thrill and charm readers!

In Tina Kashian’s Kebab Kitchen series, former lawyer turned family restaurant worker Lucy Berberian is back in “Stabbed in the Baklava” (Kensington, $7.99).

Lucy is ready for a big catering job with a high society wedding to help the restaurant’s coffers. But it isn’t exactly great news when the best man ends up dead and the restaurant’s head chef (and Lucy’s ex) is the prime suspect. Lucy knows Azad couldn’t have done it, and is determined to prove it, and with a little digging, soon finds there are plenty of suspects. But who is the killer?

With a warm cast of characters and an ingenious main character, this is a series that will prove delightful for cozy fans.


Crafting takes on a deadly edge with the latest in Peggy Ehrhart’s Knit and Nibble series, “Died in the Wool” (Kensington, $7.99).

Pamela is working at a craft event to benefit the local high school’s sports program. Everything seems to be going well and she’s ready to pack up when she discovers a body under the table! It is the unpopular teacher who recently criticized the very program that is benefitting. By why is he under her table with one of her stuffed aardvarks? With the help of her Knit and Nibble knitting club, Pamela is determined to track down a killer — no matter what it takes.

With an unlikely heroine and a knack for finding the “pattern” in the murders, this is a series that will appeal to many cozy fans.


Get in the spirit for the upcoming Halloween holiday with Jennifer David Hesse’s “Samhain Secrets” (Kensington, $7.99.)

Lawyer Keli is busy working and ready to help at the local haunted barn event appearing as a witch, but she’s got another task on her hands — a client who believes her house really is haunted. And then her aunt turns up dead in the woods. While Keli always believed her environmental activist aunt was all about peace and love, someone obviously didn’t think so. What really happened? It may take some magic of her own for Keli to catch a killer.

With a spooky plot and a heroine with her own set of skills, this will be a good atmospheric read for fall.