Difficult decision

Throughout any given day one often makes numerous decisions.

Granted, most might be mundane like figuring out what to eat or wear.

However, there are also times when a choice can have profound consequences.

Sometimes the options, especially when it comes to a line of work, could be both good and rewarding in many ways.

That’s basically the pickle first-year Wirt County head volleyball coach Miriam Beall has been dealing with until the board of education accepted her resignation Tuesday night in Elizabeth.

It was an interesting dilemma to say the least.

A then Miriam Smith, now Beall, was a former player for “Mrs. November” Janet Frazier.

Last year coach Frazier stepped closer to full “retirement” as Beall took over and Frazier moved down a spot on the bench.

What has become somewhat of a theme for the orange and black since volleyball was expanded to three classes in 2002, the Tigers captured a Class A state crown in an odd year. In fact, going back from 2019 until 2005 the only odd year season the Tigers didn’t win the state championship was 2009.

Suffice it to say, coach Beall didn’t want to leave something so near and dear to her heart, but that’s what crossroads are all about.

“Though a very tough decision, I resigned as head coach of Wirt County High School’s volleyball team,” Beall stated. “I am now a vision specialist in West Virginia Birth to Three program, which will take up most of my evenings.

“This decision was not easily made. When I graduated with my master’s multiple doors were opened. I was very blessed with an amazing coaching staff and players for a great year. I learned many lessons from other coaches as well as my girls.

“With the experience, I hope to coach again one day once I am more settled in my career. For now, I will resign as head coach and support the girls in any way possible when time allows me to do so.”

Me being me, I had to ask coach Frazier if there was any chance she’d hop back in the saddle again like Parkersburg South’s Mike Fallon did by taking the hoops job for the Patriot boys after a one-year hiatus.

“The answer is no,” she quipped. “I will not be taking the title of head coach back. But I may be in the gym some, which I had planned on not being in any this year to let Miriam take the reins.”

Only time will tell who receives the next opportunity to lead the Tigers, but it shouldn’t be long before a decision is made.

Who knows if it will be an easy or difficult choice for the next leader of the Tigers.

Eric Cheeseman, the athletic director for WCHS, was grateful for everything the coach gave during her time.

“Coach Beall brought energy and excitement to an already powerful volleyball program,” Cheeseman noted. “Coach Beall will be missed.

“She was able to continue the legacy of Tiger volleyball by leading the girls to yet another state title in 2019. We wish her well in her future endeavors.”

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