A different perspective on reparations

With all of the talk about slavery, reparations and the importing of slaves from Africa, let us keep one thing firmly in mind. White slave hunters did not go through the jungle looking to capture Africans. They had usually already been captured by other Africans during tribal wars and were then sold to the slave hunters. They sometimes sold them at a place called the “slave tree.” Why no repercussions for the African slavers?

Concerning reparations, why give money to people who were not slaves from people who did not own slaves? My great-great grandfather emigrated from Germany in the early 1850s, got drafted into the Union army, was captured and held in two Confederate prisoner of war camps. He fought against the south, against slavery and almost lost his life. Why should I have to pay a part of any reparations?

If the truth were to be told, America, with all of its faults, is still years ahead of other civilizations that had (and have) slaves. Africans taken to Muslim countries had it much worse. Most did not survive the journey and those who did really did not last long. In case you have not noticed, radical Muslims do not value life as western cultures do. They think nothing of beheading people, killing entire families and villages or simply murdering by the hundreds or thousands. I do not include most American Muslims in the radical group.

With all of the stupidity going on — tearing down statues, destroying monuments they do not own — perhaps it would be good to fine the ones who like to destroy the monuments. Maybe they might think twice before doing something like that? But of course they have the mob mentality. People will do something as part of a mob that they would be ashamed to do individually.

America has a long way to go in correcting some of our problems. Dividing us, like the idiotic “woke” philosophy espouses, is the wrong way to go. Biden, who ran for office as a uniter, has no idea what that really means. Of course, if he steps down, and he will not, then Kamala Harris steps up. She would possibly be worse than him. What a sad state of affairs we are in. Turning to Almighty God is the answer, but Joe is clueless about that also. His stand on abortion is firmly against his church and God, and he knows it.

Robert Sadler



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