Hungry Hook

I live in a holler known as Hungry Hook

A piece of Heaven now invaded by crooks;

A place known for its peace and beauty —

To rape is now corporate America’s duty.

Hickory, hazel and walnut too,

add flavor to a venison stew;

While turkey, squirrel and rabbit with ramps

all supply our nourishment.

Add syrup made from the maple tree

To sassafras and wild mint tea.

And when it’s time to celebrate,

Fine wines are had from berries and wild grapes.

(repeat chorus)

Hawks, fox, coyotes, grouse and deer,

are treasured sights throughout the year.

With a lion, bobcat and bear passing through,

Locals see this as the Hungry Hook Zoo.

Morels, sheep’s head and oyster shelf ‘shrooms

Are picked throughout the year,

But it’s the hunt for ginseng in the fall

that we hold so dear.

A waterfall and a hand-dug well

Keep us all clean with buckets to fill.

But coal and gas ripped from this holler

will deplete and pollute for the almighty dollar.

The sound I now hear outside my cabin door

Is clanging and drilling and not a thing more.

There is no rustling of leaves,

chirps, yips or growls.

Fascist corporate greed

TRUMPS them all somehow.

Now I must leave my home built by hand.

With plenty of hope, I’ll travel other lands

In search of a place that I can call home,

In search of a Hungry Hook, elsewhere I’ll roam.

Ron Teska



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