CCMC Births

Feb. 10

Cody Martin and Christine Starcher, Walker, W.V., baby boy

Joshua and Amber Jones, Parkersburg, baby girl

Michael Multari and Brittany McWilliams, Spencer, baby girl

Jacob and Jessica Hughes, Ravenswood, baby boy

Matthew and Amber Skidmore, Washington, W.Va., baby girl

Jeremiah and Amy Lancaster, Sistersville, baby girl

Feb. 11

Brandon Blosser and Briana Patton, Parkersburg, baby boy

Joshua and Caitlin Posey, Parkersburg, baby girl

Ray and Anne Neff, New Martinsville, baby boy

Ryan and Autumn Grogan, Parkersburg, baby boy

Feb. 12

Stephen Morgan and Kaitlynne Hammond, Pennsboro, baby boy

Nicholas Bowersock and Kaitlynn Simmons, Parkersburg, baby girl

Derrick and Erica Wetz, Marietta, baby girl

David and MaryJean Guthrie, Parkersburg, baby boy

Dylan Nesselrotte and Alicia Whisman, Parkersburg, baby boy

Charley Anderson and Stephanie Johnson, Ripley, baby boy

Austin and Katelyn York, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 14

Jayme Kerby and Crystal Townsend, Elizabeth, baby boy

Jason Story and Amanda Adorante, Parkersburg, baby girl

J. Shawn Ott and Denise Headlee, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 15

Daniel Goldsmith and Ices Brown, Parkersburg, baby boy

Travis Shahan and Tamika Anderson, Belpre, baby girl

Tad and Alexis Lowrance, Davisville, W.Va., baby boy

Feb. 16

Thomas and Stacy Crum, Harrisville, W.Va., baby girl

CCMC Births

Jan. 31

Shawn Nichols and Katrina Nelson, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 1

Tyler and Kristina Ritchie, Mineral Wells, twin girls

Bridey Cramlet, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jacob Ramsey and Jocelyn Cunningham, Jackson, W.Va., baby girl

Matthew and Christian Oakes, Belpre, baby girl

Feb. 2

Daniel and Dena Satow, Davisville, W.Va., baby girl

Tyler and Sharon-Elizabeth Knowlton, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jess and Ovillia Montgomery, Belleville, W.Va., baby girl

Randall and Hannah Cline, Parkersburg, baby boy

Nathan and Randie Thompson, Pullman, W.Va., baby boy

Maurice Lazarre and Amanda Swesey, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 4

Chase Fitzgerald and Tami Williiams, Parkersburg, baby girl

Gregory Boley and Tara Vannoy, Williamstown, baby girl

Charles and Summer Richards, St. Marys, baby girl

Robert and Jessica Pybus, St. Marys, twins, baby girl and baby boy

Ryan and Brooke McGrew, Parkersburg, baby boy

Justin Roush and Danielle Shearer, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 5

David and Brandy Rankin, Tuppers Plains, Ohio, baby girl

Jason and Mercedes Ware, Parkersburg, baby girl

Feb. 6

Justin Sims and Kyla Walker, Parkersburg, baby boy

Rex and Jessica Armstrong, Rinard Mills, Ohio, baby boy

Devon and Chelsea Polk, Whipple, baby girl

Michael and Cristy Fernatt, Ripley, baby girl

Feb. 7

Matthew Thompson and Monica Wigal, Davisville, baby girl

Feb. 8

Ryan Meadows and Kelsey Tanner, Ravenswood, baby boy

Ernest Boley and Amanda Wittig, Parkersburg, baby girl

David Hennessee and Brittney Stanley, Marietta, baby girl

William Mitchell and Danielle Malloy, Parkersburg, baby boy

Feb. 9

Matthew and Janie Baldwin, Parkersburg, baby girl

Eric and Jessica Cottrill, Parkersburg, baby girl

Christopher and Holly Dukich, Harrisville, baby girl

CCMC Births

Camden Clark Medical Center

Jan. 3

Justin and Tessa Boyles, Belleville, baby girl

Andrew Wilson and Danielle Stevens, Mt. Zion, W.Va., baby boy

Douglas Hatfield and Melissa Hagquist, Ripley, baby boy

Jan. 4

Daniel and Brittany Allen, Elizabeth, baby boy

Ashley Waggoner, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jan. 5

Louis Thompson and Tina Cook, Spencer, baby girl

Jan. 6

Justin and Bethany Welsh, Parkersburg, baby girl

Samuel and Amanda Doak, Parkersburg, baby girl

Aaron Greathouse and Ashley Graham, Parkersburg, baby boy

Genevieve Burns and Daniel Bartlett, Mineral Wells, baby boy

Matthew Landers and Autumn Morris, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 7

Autumn Chapman, Parkersburg, baby boy

Garrett Wichterman and Olivia Osborn, Parkersburg, baby girl

Stephen Lockhart and Dolly Simmons, Big Springs, W.Va., twin boys

Jan. 10

Michael and Kaitlyn Harris, Fleming, Ohio, baby boy

Jan. 11

James and Bria McDougle, Stockport, Ohio, baby boy

Zachary Richards and Elizabeth Thornburg, Parkersburg, baby boy

Ashley Antrobius, Sistersville, baby girl

Aaron Brady and Erica Hadley, Middlebourne, W.Va, baby girl

Jan. 12

Marcus Herbold and Ashley Still, Paden City, W.Va., baby boy

Trey Rice and Hannah Foland, Belmont, baby boy

Zachary Sandy and Stephanie Cooper, Mineral Wells, baby boy

Richard and Mollie Skinner, Stewart, Ohio, baby boy

Ed and Jamie Whitsett, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jan. 13

Tyler Mason and Cheyenne Rubart, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 14

Matthew Clark and Jessica Collins, Parkersburg, baby boy

Joshua Curry and Megan Beall, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 15

Jayson Beardsley and Kristina Moneypenny, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jan. 16

Kaitlyn Thomas, Pomeroy, Ohio, baby girl

Jan. 17

Michael and Brittany Ware, Washington, baby girl

Bradley and Allyson McDonald, Cairo, baby boy

Johnathon and Chasity Blankenship, Harrisville, baby boy

Jan. 18

Anthony and Ashley Clemens, Grantsville, baby boy

Samuel Lamp and Chelsea Blair, Parkersburg, baby boy

Jan. 19

David Satterfield and Tabitha Whaley, Pennsboro, baby girl

Billy Burnside and Jessica Barbe, Vienna, baby girl

Jacob and Michelle Frame, Vincent, baby girl

Jan. 20

Nathan Fisher and Jessica Starcher, Parkersburg, baby boy

Charles Peck Jr. and Maslissa Posey, Belleville, baby girl

Jan. 22

Charles and Jennifer Corkran, Williamstown, baby boy

Aaron Guinn and Hannah Parsons, Belleville, baby girl

Joshua and Lynn Bayne, Washington, baby girl

Charles and Jennifer Corkran, Williamstown, baby boy

Jan. 24

Benjamin Carpenter and Devyn Hall, Walker, W.Va., baby girl

Mildred Mathes, Spencer, Twins, baby boy and baby girl

Jan. 25

John and Megan Aston, Parkersburg, baby boy

Kyla Brown, Parkersburg, baby boy

Loren and Kayla McFee, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 26

David Forinash and Hope Wix, Parkersburg, twin girls

James Gillespy and Melissa Balderson, Davisville, baby girl

Michael Holley and Amber Bartlett, Parkersburg, baby girl

Varick Jordan and Kassie McCulty, Belpre, baby girl

Jan. 27

Tara Cline, Parkersburg, baby boy

Robert Keith and Sarah Payne, St. Marys, twins, baby boy and baby girl

Jan. 28

Johnny Blosser and Eve Parsons Reed, Grantsville, baby boy

Benjamin and Brandy Hill, Ripley, baby girl

Jason Marchuk and Kayla Shepard, Parkersburg, baby boy

Brittany Shepard, Parkersburg, baby girl

Jan. 29

Jeffrey Godfrey and Melissa Nichols, Mt. Zion, W.Va., baby boy

Jan. 31

Shawn Nichols and Katrina Nelson, Parkersburg, baby girl


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