Peddler’s Junction opens in Lancaster

Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall is among Lancaster, Ohio’s, newest shopping destinations.

Since it opened in February, in the old Lancaster Sales building, Peddler’s Junction footprint has continued to grow in scarlet and gray building. The owners of the old Lancaster Sales have poured a lot of hard work into making the building and parking lot attractive to customers.

Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall booths are divided into three sections that decrease in cost: Green zone, yellow zone and red zone. Those rates are based on booth location within the building. Within the next couple of weeks, they will be opening booths in the back section of the current building to vendors. Those booths will be given special introductory rates for new vendors. This allows vendors to choose what rental rate is best suited for their merchandise.

“We offer a lot of discount programs for our vendors. We want to make renting with us as easy and as cost effective as possible,” said Abbey Tanner, CMO for Tanner Property Management Inc., the parent company that owns both locations of Peddler’s Junction Vendor Mall.

The owners of Peddler’s Junction say they have been amazed by the response from the local community. “When you move a business into a new town, there is always a risk. It didn’t take Lancaster long to show us this is where we belong,” Tanner said. “It only makes sense to expand. We need to have space available for our entrepreneurs who are ready to sell.”

Not only is there expansion happening inside the Vendor Mall, but the business owners have recently taken on the annex building that used to house the Army Surplus. Preparations are being made for a Peddler’s Outlet.

“In the Outlet we will focus on the ‘Weekend Warrior’ seller, those are the folks who like filling their weekends with farmers markets and flea markets.” Tanner said. “Unlike the Vendor Mall that is open seven days a week, the Outlet will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday with special extended hours. This option is perfect for the vendor who wants to have one-on-one interaction with the customer.”

Peddler’s is working on an online reservation system. Vendors will be given the freedom to reserve and pay for the booth of their choice. Tanner expects the spaces to fill up quickly since most local markets that are similar will be closing in October. Peddler’s Outlet will be open year round. It is in a climate controlled building and vendors will have the option of leaving their merchandise in their booth where it will be secure.