Detectives offer details on Hickman indictment

Detectives Jeff Seevers, left, and Bruce Schuck from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Unit held a press conference Thursday morning to discuss the indictment of Scott A. Hickman for the 1995 murder of Kimberly and Daniel Fulton. (Photo by Candice Black)

MARIETTA — Detectives from the Washington County Sheriff’s Department Cold Case Unit held a press conference Thursday morning with a mission of updating the community about a 1995 murder case and asking for information.

Scott A. Hickman, 49, of Waterford, was indicted this week and charged with murder and aggravated murder in connection with the deaths of 28-year-old Kimberly Fulton and her 17-month-old son Daniel in 1995.

Detective Jeff Seevers was a part of the initial investigation of the murders and said he’s been living with this case for 27 years. Hickman’s arrest was made possible with the help from Detective Bruce Schuck when the Fulton case was reopened in 2019.

“We dedicated all our time and all our resources to this investigation, there was a lot of man-hours spent and a lot of resources spent interviewing all the prior witnesses and new witnesses,” Schuck said. “During the course of investigation, we’ve been able to uncover and identify some new information which resulted in the indictment and the arrest of Scott Hickman.”

On March 5, 1995, the bodies of Kimberly and Daniel were found in the burned remains of their home in Palmer Square. An autopsy revealed the two had died before the fire was set and investigators believed the fire was set to cover up the homicide.

Hickman was arrested in 1998 in connection with the murders but was released after about three weeks because there was not evidence to convict him at the time, Seevers said.

Since he was released from custody in 1998, Seevers said Hickman has been at his home and had no major prior convictions.

The specifics of what led to Hickman’s arrest could not be released because the investigation is ongoing but Seevers said Hickman lived in the same neighborhood as Kimberly and Daniel at the time of the murder.

“Through the course of the investigation, we have identified a strategy and going forward, we aren’t at liberty to discuss that,” Schuck said. “This is a very active and ongoing investigation. We’re not done and for that reason, we can’t elaborate much more on strategies and who or if there are other suspects.”

At this point in the process, Schuck and Seevers emphasized the importance of community input and encouraged people to come forward with any type of information they have, event if it is rumors.

“In December of 2019, we were able to secure the use of a billboard in the Beverly area. That was put there to raise awareness, number one, secondly to generate tips to help us in this case,” Schuck said. “Even if it’s a rumor, what we call white noise, a lot of time when you filter out the rumors, there are facts buried in there somewhere.”

Seevers said he specifically knows of one individual who he believes to have crucial information regarding the case and he encourages him to share what he knows.

“What he knows and what he heard is very important to this investigation,” he said.

Keeping Kimberly and Daniel’s family members in the loop regarding updates from the case is a priority for Schuck and Seevers. Over the years, Seevers has gotten to know Kimberly’s mother.

“She used to be in constant communication with me, calling me about every day and her daughter would call me quite a bit too,” Seevers said. “We’ve kind of gotten to know each other pretty well since we started this.”

Schuck said he speaks with Kimberly’s three other children on a regular basis as well.

“With Kim’s children, it’s pretty common for me to talk to them monthly. Part of what we do with cold cases is lead with the family so we can learn who they are (and) so we can introduce ourselves and give them some sort of idea of what they can expect from us,” Schuck said. “I think it’s important that we have that open communication with the family so there’s expectations laid out there.”

As technology and law enforcement training progressed over the years, Schuck and Seevers said those advances have worked to their advantage.

“(Schuck) is highly trained in arson investigation. He’s done that for many years, that’s his expertise and that’s why it was a big plus to have him in here,” Seevers said. “Technology and training, since the mid-80s, has really taken off.”

When investigators collected evidence at the crime scene in 1995, Schuck said they did an excellent and thorough job.

“The investigators early on did an extremely good job at the scene and they did an extremely good on conducting the investigation in ’95 and it was very thorough,” he said.

Hickman is being held at the Washington County Jail and Schuck said he believes Hickman will be arraigned within the next few days.

“This is the first step forward in giving the family the answer they deserve, number one, and two, bringing justice for Daniel and Kim.”

The Marietta Times and the Parkersburg News and Sentinel were unable to reach any family members of Kimberly and Daniel for comment.


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