Regional wrestling action begins today

Area matmen seek spots at state tourney

Photo by Jay W. Bennett Parkersburg South’s Samantha Miller, top, controls Parkersburg’s George Cantwell during their 106-pound match earlier this year. Miller, the No. 4 seed, will face the fifth-seeded Cantwell during Saturday’s Class AAA, Region IV, wrestling championships inside Memorial Fieldhouse.

PARKERSBURG — Wrestling regionals across the Mountain State will be held today and Saturday as grapplers vie for a top four finish and a spot in the state tournament coming up later this month in Huntington.

While Class AAA power Parkersburg South looks to continue its dominance in Region IV, which begins at 11 a.m. Saturday inside Memorial Fieldhouse, expected Class AA state champ Point Pleasant has nine No. 1 seeds for the Class AA/A, Region IV, tournament which gets underway around 5:30 p.m. today at Williamstown High School.

Head coach John Bonecutter’s Big Blacks picked up their ninth top seed when 182-pounder Juan Marquez was moved up because Williamstown head coach Ryan Scott opted to keep expected top seed Ethan Tawney out of action.

“We scratched him and he can’t go,” Scott said of the junior, who is the starting catcher on the baseball team and has been dealing with an injury most of the season. “I’m the assistant baseball coach. It’s a double-edged sword. It’s just not worth pushing it. That caught the Point Pleasant guys off guard.”

As it stands now, the only area top seeds in Williamstown will be ‘Jacket 145-pound 26-9 junior Casch Somerville and Calhoun County 170-pounder Dalton McCune, a 31-2 senior.

WHS has a pair of No. 2 seeds in Mason Deem at 138 and 160-pounder Julian Stoneman.

“Mason, he’s been wrestling tough,” said coach Scott while noting WHS hasn’t seen Point Pleasant this season. “Hopefully, Julian can get a couple wins and get into the finals. Right now, you don’t have to win pretty, just win. You are going to see a lot of state finalists coming out of our regional.

“We’ve got eight in there and I think six is what I would like to punch through. We’ve got a good shot, but we’ve got some younger kids. We’ll do the best we can. I really want to get six through.”

Wirt County, which is ranked No. 2 in Class A in the latest’ poll, doesn’t have any expected regional champs. However, head man Danny Life’s Tigers do have No. 2 seeds thanks to Logan Powell (106), Hunter Poole (113), Kolton Parsons (120), Wyatt Powell (126) and 195-pounder Glen McFee. Ravenswood 132-pounder Cody Smith has the only other local two seed.

“Obviously, qualifying all 14 and hopefully having about six, eight champions or so,” quipped Parkersburg South head coach Shaun Smith when asked what the perfect regional Saturday scenario would be.

On paper, the Patriots are expected to send 14 grapplers to the Big Sandy Superstore Arena. PSHS also boasts six No. 1 seeds, which includes 126-pounder Tucker Windland, who is vying for his fourth career regional title, as too is Huntington 182-pound top seed Zane Lanham.

“We’ve had a great week of practice,” added coach Smith, who also has expected champs in Gavin Quiocho (138), Brayden Roberts (145), Zane Hinzman (160), 220-pounder Braxton Amos, who is 44-0 and the only undefeated grappler at the regional, along with heavyweight Louden Haga.

“The kids have really embraced working hard and making sure we give ourselves the best opportunity to not only place, but put ourselves in a good situation at the state tournament.”

Parkersburg head coach Matt Littleton has top seeds with Garret Donahue at 120, Hunter Ackerman at 132, John Martin Best at 152 and at 195 with CJ Wade. Overall, the red and white have nine seeded grapplers expected to advance while Huntington has the other trio of No. 1 seeds thanks to Jaishawn Lyles at 106, London Bowen at 113 and 170-pounder Clayton Stewart.

“We’ve got a couple fifth seeds. Obviously, they will have big matchups in the first round,” noted Littleton, who has No. 5 seeds in 182-pounder Jacob McCune, 126-pounder Levi Westfall and 106-pounder George Cantwell, who will take on fourth-seeded Patriot Samantha Miller. “George had a close match with Samantha the first time and he’ll be looking to avenge that loss and punch his ticket as a freshman.

“McCune is kind of a darkhorse and that’s a big first round matchup as well. We are just focused on getting as many out as we possibly can.”

The Class AA/A, Region I, tournament also gets underway today at Fairmont Senior.

Ritchie County boasts a pair of top-seeded grapplers in 120-pounder Brady Layman and 126-pounder Connor Spaulding. St. Marys’ Wiley Houser has the No. 2 seed at 120.

Magnolia teammates Gage Adams (138) and Mikey Hamrick (285) also have No. 2 seeds, but Hamrick most likely would face 35-0 Zach Frazier of the Polar Bears. If Adams reaches the finals, he’s likely to see Oak Glen’s Peyton Hall, last year’s 132-pound state champ.

Top Seeds for the Class AAA, Region IV, Wrestling

Championships at Parkersburg High School

106: Jaishawn Lyles (Hunt, JR, 23-10); Luke Jordan (CM, SR, 27-11); Brock Matson (Rip, FR, 23-9); Samantha Miller (South, JR, 21-15)

113: London Bowen (Hunt, SR, 24-11); Devin Easton (South, SO, 24-11); Brett Haskins (Rip, FR, 23-10); Kage Mathess (PHS, FR, 10-14)

120: Garret Donahue (PHS, JR, 30-7); Brayden Johnson (South, SO, 25-12); Nate Cox (Rip, SO, 17-15); Devin Doss (Hunt, SO, 5-4)

126: Tucker Windland (South, SR, 25-9); Alex Viars (Hunt, JR, 20-13); Luke Miller (Rip, SO, 20-14); Isaac Tucker (Hurr, SO, 14-16)

132: Hunter Ackerman (PHS, SR, 27-10); Eian Harper (SV, JR, 25-6); Jude Childers (South, FR, 23-16); Payne Salmons (CM, JR, 33-9)

138: Gavin Quiocho (South, SO, 34-7); Bo Moler (PHS, JR, 31-4); Isaiah Vaughn (CM, SO, 29-6); Cole Walker (SV, JR, 12-12)

145: Brayden Roberts (South, JR, 36-4); Treven Taylor (Hurr, JR, 23-12); Ayden Edwards (PHS, FR, 14-8); Ki Taylor (CM, FR, 27-18)

152: John Martin Best (PHS, JR, 31-4); AJ Dempsey (Hunt, SO, 24-9); Mikey Shamblin (South, SR, 23-10); Ethan Koontz (Rip, FR, 12-17)

160: Zane Hinzman (South, SR, 35-6); Chace Mathess (PHS, JR, 25-10); Nate Neale (CM, JR, 31-14); Isaiah Shook (Hunt, SO, 13-11)

170: Clayton Stewart (Hunt, SR, 25-5); Jalen King (PHS, SR, 24-7); Wyatt Linder (South, SR, 20-14); Ty Chapman (CM, SO, 23-11)

182: Zane Lanham (Hunt, SR, 30-1); Dalton Fullerton (South, SR, 18-7); Zach Dillon (CM, JR, 34-9); Austen Boggess (Rip, JR, 17-11)

195: CJ Wade (PHS, JR, 23-9); Chase Stevens (SV, SR, 27-4); Ivan Vaughn (CM, SR, 12-4); Noah Buckalew (South, SO, 22-14)

220: Braxton Amos (South, JR, 40-0); Preston Rose (CM, SR, 27-15); Tanner Ball (Hunt, SR, 3-2); Tanner Ross (Rip, SR, 7-11)

285: Louden Haga (South, SR, 35-5); Kellen Hunt (CM, JR, 27-15); Damion Saunders (Hurr, SR, 20-10); Kordell Todd (Hunt, SR, 17-16)

Notes: Wrestling starts at 11 a.m. Saturday and participating teams are Cabell Midland, Huntington, Hurricane, Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, Ripley and Spring Valley.

Top Seeds for the Class AA/A, Region IV, Wrestling

Championships at Williamstown High School

106: Isaac Short (PP, SO, 35-1); Logan Powell (Wirt, SO, 40-4); Brandon Burrell (Wtown, SO, 26-15); Brandon Maynard (Man, SO, 21-7)

113: Christopher Smith (PP, SO, 35-5); Hunter Poole (Wirt, JR, 26-5); Shane Hatfield (Man, FR, 28-4); Ethan Tanner (Rwood, FR, 26-11)

120: Derek Raike (PP, FR, 40-1); Kolton Parsons (Wirt, FR, 38-8); Hunter Whittington (SV, SR, 30-7); Alex Cavendish (Nitro, SO, 24-16)

126: Justin Bartee (PP, FR, 30-0); Wyatt Powell (Wirt, SR, 35-7); Colton Slagle (Wtown, SO, 24-11); Dyson Bowers (Winf, SO, 25-19)

132: George Smith (PP, SR, 36-7); Cody Smith (Rwood, JR, 28-7); AJ Garrett (Wirt, SO, 29-15); Dallas Hazelett (Nitro, JR, 33-9)

138: Mitchell Freeman (PP, SO, 38-6); Mason Deem (Wtown, JR, 21-4); Preston Menas (Rwood, JR, 22-13); Hunter Burdette (SV, FR, 17-14)

145: Casch Somerville (Wtown, JR, 26-9); Wyatt Wilson (PP, SO, 30-5); Clay Tanner (Rwood, JR, 25-11); Trevor Hunt (Wah, JR, 40-4)

152: Jamie Ward (Winf, SR, 44-3); Zac Samson (PP, JR, 30-10); Colton Clark (Rwood, SR, 12-5); Nathanial Amburgey (Lincoln, SO, 15-6)

160: Logan Southall (PP, JR, 28-6); Julian Stoneman (Wtown, SO, 29-8); Ethan Erwin (MC, SR, 32-5); Blaine Kyer (SV, SR, 18-15)

170: Dalton McCune (Calhoun, SR, 31-2); Chance Dixon (Winf, SR, 33-10); Nazar Abbas (PP, JR, 26-14); Cole Hughart (SV, JR, 20-10)

182: Juan Marquez (PP, JR, 29-13); Calem Akers (Winf, SO, 27-19); Gary Plumley (Man, JR, 18-11); Lance Scott (CV, SO, 13-12)

195: JD McCallister (Winf, SR, 39-10); Glen McFee (Wirt, SR, 33-10); Nick Ball (PP, SO, 17-16); Hunter Bowles (SV, SO, 21-20)

220: Antonio Serevicz (Wah, SR, 42-2); Gavin Shamblin (SV, JR, 37-5); Wyatt Stanley (PP, JR, 28-11); Josh Atwood (CV, SO, 28-10)

285: Jake Muncy (PP, JR, 23-6); Will Frampton (Nitro, JR, 37-9); Tyler Mileto (Log, SR, 25-7); Dakota Tinsley (Winf, JR, 27-21)

Notes: Action should begin prior to 6 p.m. today and resumes at 10:30 a.m. Saturday. Participating teams are Buffalo, Calhoun County, Chapmanville, Lincoln County, Logan, Man, Mingo Central, Point Pleasant, Nitro, Poca, Ravenswood, Sissonville, Wahama, Williamstown, Winfield and Wirt County.

Top Seeds for the Class AA/A, Region I, Wrestling

Championships at Fairmont Senior High School

106: Geno Casuccio (EF, JR, 31-3); Camden Barr (OG, JR, 19-16); Ethan Vanmeter (PB, SO, 38-12); E.J. Guy (Key, FR, 24-13)

113: Shawn Moore (OG, SR, 28-5); Blake Boyers (EF, SO, 34-5); Eli Nazelrodt (PB, SO, 34-10); Tyler Harrison (FS, JR, 28-9)

120: Brady Layman (RC, SO, 22-7); Wiley Houser (SM, SO, 29-5); Marko Tarley (FS, SO, 32-12); Wade Johnson (Key, FR, 14-11)

126: Connor Spaulding (RC, SR, 34-4); Mikey Jones (FS, FR, 39-3); Wyatt Conley (Weir, JR, 38-6); Thomas Ours (PB, FR, 39-9)

132: Lane Flint (EF, SR, 40-1); Beau Bearden (NM, JR, 48-9); Kris Sherman (Ffort, FR, 34-5); Jacob Landis (PB, SO, 28-19)

138: Peyton Hall (OG, JR, 36-3); Gage Adams (Mag, SR, 29-3); Tanner Hoskinson (FS, JR, 33-11); Hunter Kuhn (NM, SO, 43-12)

145: Alex Cook (Mad, SR, 42-2); Jonathan Creese (OG, JR, 28-8); Andrew Hardman (RC, SR, 25-8); CJ Helms (Weir, SR, 34-14)

152: Noah Kiszkia (FFort, JR, 27-2); Dimarrian Thomas (EF, SR, 23-6); Tyler Mason (Key, SR, 30-9); Garet Hostuttler (Weir, SR, 33-9)

160: Peyton Thompson (BS, SO, 46-7); Reese Wills (Weir, SR, 32-14); Colton Dobbs (Cam, SR, 25-7); Evan Daniels (Mad, SO, 26-12)

170: Ian Bush (Cam, FR, 31-5); Trey Hissam (EF, SR, 20-9); Dylan Heinrich (OG, SO, 19-16); Nick Scott (FS, SO, 27-9)

182: Nate Kotsko (EF, SR, 36-4); Tristin Fox (Key, JR, 35-3); James Stillwagoner (Mag, JR, 29-6); Garrett Conaway (NM, SO, 25-9)

195: Alec Burgess (PB, SR, 44-5); Kyler O’Connor (OG, SO, 24-10); Cameron Stillwagoner (Mag, SR, 20-9); Hunter Leggett (RC, JR, 27-9)

220: Garrett Cook (Mad, 40-0, SR); Doug Morral (PB, SR, 41-3); Rhett Heston (FS, SR, 32-5); Nate Gerau (EF, SR, 17-21)

285: Zach Frazier (FS, JR, 35-0); Mikey Hamrick (Mag, JR, 26-7); Jimmy Ratliff (Key, SR, 25-14); Billy Anderson (TC, SR, 23-10)

Notes: Action starts today and resumes Saturday. Participating teams are Berkeley Springs, Cameron, East Fairmont, Fairmont Senior, Frankfort, Keyser, Madonna, Magnolia, North Marion, Oak Glen, Paden City, Petersburg, Ritchie County, St. Marys, Tyler Consolidated, Weir, Wheeling Central.

W.Va. Coaches Association/ wrestling polls


1. Parkersburg South (7)

2. Parkersburg

3. Wheeling Park

4. Huntington

5. St. Albans

6. John Marshall

7. University

8. Cabell Midland

9. Riverside

10. George Washington


1. Point Pleasant (7)

2. East Fairmont

3. Oak Glen

4. Independence

5. Herbert Hoover

6. Fairmont Senior

7. Braxton County

8. Winfield

T9. Shady Spring

T9. Bridgeport

Others receiving votes: North Martion


1. Greenbrier West (6)

2. Wirt County

3. Ritchie County

4. Madonna

5. Cameron

6. Moorefield

7. Ravenswood

8. Magnolia

9. St. Marys

10. South Harrison

Others receiving votes: Williamstown, Fayetteville