Amish novella from bestselling authors

Four bestselling authors in the Amish fiction genre team up in “An Amish Reunion” by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller and Kelly Irvin.

In “A Reunion of Hearts” by Wiseman, Elizabeth and Gideon went their separate ways – out of their marriage and out of their faith years ago. But when they are invited back home for a visit and a family reunion, they find themselves in each other’s paths once more. The loss of their child was too much to bear and they haven’t seen each other since. But can this moment of reunion bring them together or will they finally sever ties once and for all?

In “Their True Home” by Clipston, Marlene moved away 10 years ago when her mother died and her father couldn’t stand living with the memories. Now they are back, living with family while her father looks for work. Marlene takes a job at the local hardware store and runs into Rudy, whose father owns the business and whom she knew from her school days. Rudy seems like he has changed a lot since, and the two strike up a friendship and the hint of something more. But then Marlene’s father wants to move away again, but this time Marlene doesn’t want to leave the community or her new friend. Will she have to go?

In “A Chance to Remember” by Fuller, Cevilla, a senior citizen who is spending her days matchmaking is shocked by a visitor from her past – Richard. While the two visit memory lane – a decidedly English one, will they rekindle a romance or just the memories of times past?

In “Mended Hearts” by Irvin, Hannah has lived with the shame of her out-of-wedlock birth of her daughter, Molly, while her daughter’s father, Thaddeus, ran away and moved on with his life. An old friend, Phillip, steps in to help when he can, for which Hannah is grateful. But when Thaddeus returns, determined to put the past behind them and start anew, can she trust him? Should she feel beholden to her friendship and possible romance with Phillip? Is she willing to take a chance on either one of them?

This is a good introduction to the authors for new fans, and old ones will enjoy a look into the stories of the new characters. It is a good vacation read to stick in your bag and enjoy.

“An Amish Reunion” is published by Zondervan. It is $15.99.

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