Downtown Parkersburg welcoming thespians

Downtown PKB hosts several events each year to bring not only foot traffic to our downtown, but also commerce to our downtown businesses. Events like the Point Park Concerts on the River are a great way to boost our local economy and support our downtown businesses.

How do the two connect? Many of our concert attendees plan ahead to come to downtown early to grab a bite to eat at one of their favorite downtown restaurants.

This helps to support our downtown businesses by boosting their sales, which in turn boosts our economy and expands the tax base, which is a ripple effect of events.

This week, the Greater Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau and our very own downtown art venues will play host to this year’s state wide Thesfest. This state wide event will also bring additional sales at our downtown restaurants, while also boosting the overnight stays at our local hotels with our out of town guests.

With the help of our local CVB, we reached out to Martha Louden, Chapter Director of the West Virginia Thespians, to share with you more about this event.

Every year in March or April, thespians from around the state gather for the state festival at which they compete in one acts, performance events that include monologues, musical solos, musical duets, duo acting scenes, group acting scenes and various technical theatre projects. As well, they participate in workshops and scholarship auditions.

This celebration is the best of high school theatre in West Virginia.

Usually the festival is held at West Virginia University or Marshall University, but this year they are bringing around 540 students and 100 teachers and chaperones to Parkersburg! Martha expressed her thanks for the generosity of the Greater Parkersburg Convention and Visitors Bureau, along with our downtown venues, the Smooth Theatre, the Actors Guild of Parkersburg, and the Parkersburg Art Center for hosting them.

Downtown PKB extends a warm welcome to our visiting thespians and we wish them all well in their competitions.

For more information about Downtown PKB’s upcoming events for 2018, visit our website at downtownpkb.com.


Wendy L. Shriver is the executive director for Downtown PKB.