World’s Fair brings Parkersburg to Chicago

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Photo Provided The BIG wheel, a highlight of the 1892-93 World’s Fair and Exposition held at Chicago, was built by George Washington Gale Ferris — the first “ferris” wheel. At 266 feet tall, the amusement device was taller than a twenty-six story building; it was the largest attraction at the Fair. There were 36 “cars” on the giant wheel, each capable of carrying 60 people; each car had 40 revolving seats. The capacity of the wheel, per-ride was 2,160 people. One revolution for the Ferris wheel took nine minutes and on a daily basis, the extraordinary ride was enjoyed by 38,000 people, each paying 50 cents for the opportunity. In 1904, the huge wheel was moved to St. Louis for the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. The first, and most famous Ferris wheel was demolished in 1906.

Miss Jackson’s paintings

Chicago, Ill., April 21. 1892 — One of the board of lady managers , Miss Lily Irene Jackson, of Parkersburg, W.Va., has distinguished herself as an amateur artist. Two large oil paintings of hers are now awaiting the decision of the jury for the woman’s building. The large picture shows two splendid and renowned St. Bernard dogs, “Auckland,” the famous pet of Sara Bernhardt, and “Regent,” the celebrated New York St. Bernard, sold recently for $6,000.  The rich fur seems deep enough to bury one’s fingers in, and the bright eyes of the animals makes “Anticipation,” the title which Miss Jackson has affixed to her canvas, a peculiarly felicitous one.

The other picture is entitled “Watching and Waiting,” and is a group of the artist’s own dogs, a pointer lying beside an old stone wall and a setter erect on his haunches, with one paw held out in readiness of greeting. It is a bit of realism since Miss Jackson’s dogs are prone to await her in just this manner, so that the picture has naturally taken on vivacity and life.

Miss Jackson, besides being one of the lady managers, is a member of the art committee for the West Virginia building.  She lives in Parkersburg and is devoted to her artistic work, her family life, her pet animals and to floriculture.  Lilies are her special floral fad, she calls them her blossoms, since from them she received her name.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

April 22, 1893


World’s Columbian Exposition

On and after May 11 until October 31st, the Ohio River R.R. will sell tickets to Chicago and return, on account of the World’s Columbian Exposition, at greatly reduced rates. Tickets will be good for continuous passage in either direction with final limit for return passage November 5, 1893. For rates of fare, time of train and other information inquire of Ticket Agents Ohio River R.R., or write W.J. Robinson, G.P.A., Parkersburg, W.Va.

The Parkersburg


July 6, 1893


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