Barr is protecting rule of law

It’s hard to believe that many gullible viewers of CNN, MSNBC and other fake news outlets actually believe the lies that they are being told.

Case in point, the deep state exists. It is not a product of conservative conspiracy theorists’ imaginations.

The deep state consists of unelected Obama-era bureaucrats like Jim Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, etc., who tried to stage a coup and keep Trump from being elected president. When that failed, they accused Trump of doing what they were doing, colluding with the Russians.

Hillary purchased the dirty Trump dossier from the Russians, which the corrupt Obama DOJ-FBI used to deceive the FISA court and launch the Mueller probe. Since Hillary’s dirty Trump dossier was completely false, there was never a basis for the Mueller witch hunt.

The Democrats fear what Bill Barr may uncover about the Hillary-DOJ-FBI Russia collusion. Had Hillary been elected, she would have permanently swept the evidence “under the rug.”

The entire Mueller report has to be taken with a grain of salt because Mueller picked a group of partisan Trump-hating Hillary supporters for his investigative team and even they were unable to find any evidence of wrongdoing by Trump. I’m sure they tried.

Mueller had the opportunity to read Bill Barr’s summary of his report before its release and Mueller declined, so Mueller had no reason to whine.

When Eric Holder stated he was Barack Obama’s “wingman” no Democrats complained, so why are Democrats now complaining about Bill Barr being Trump’s “wingman?”

Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were the worst attorneys general in history. We now have an attorney general who takes his job seriously and Democrats demonize him.

What did Obama know and when did he know it is a fair question. If Obama didn’t know what his DOJ was doing, he was incompetent. If Obama was aware of what his DOJ was doing and didn’t stop it, he was corrupt. Either way Obama looks bad.

Trump has stood up under scrutiny. Let’s see how the deep state bad actors hold up under Barr’s scrutiny.

Bill Barr isn’t trashing the rule of law, he is protecting the rule of law for all American, regardless of their political party, to make sure another attempted coup never happens.

Steve Wolverton