The other side of confrontation

I was dismayed by the article on page 3A of the paper on Sunday, Jan. 20.

The article titled “Students in ‘MAGA’ hats mock Native American after rally” by the AP is misleading at best. This “Native American” Nathan Phillips is an activist who has an entourage of cameras follow him around and he regularly attends rallies or protest seeking out confrontation and having it filmed and then edited to his latest cause. If anyone wanted to check up on him there are many places online to search. Contrary to the article and the short video Phillips posted (sold) online here are some basic facts:

The students did not approach Mr. Phillips, he sought them out because of their attire.

There were other “counter protesters” at the March for Life, one was a known violent group calling themselves the “Black Hebrew Israelites.” This group actually confronted the students and was loud and using very foul language and threats.

Mr. Phillips approached the boys and started banging on his drum and making comments (in my opinion foul and unnecessary) and then got up into the face of the student (again aggressive behavior). By this time these students were surrounded by hostile people, they could not “walk away” because they would have to push their way through the surrounding activist and counter protestors.

The students were verbally attacked and threatened simply because of their attire. They came to Washington to support the right to life and were simply waiting on their bus to go back when these intolerant racist leftists attacked them.

I know someone out there is going to say I don’t know what I am talking about or how I don’t know the facts and to this I say I watched the first video, and did what is known as due diligence, and found the nine minute video, looked up the parties involved referenced them by any information online (both sides liberal and conservative) and drew obvious conclusions by the facts, not hype as Joe Friday used to say “just the facts.” In any news we should use facts and fairness, quote our sources and be open-minded on current issues rather than lies, subterfuge and hate speech maybe then things just might get better.

Michael L. Gent