Wondering or maybe pondering

I don’t even know where to begin anymore.

Things are getting better it appears in the sports world, at least when it comes to them making a return.

The eternal optimist has high hopes for the summer months ahead and beyond, but are we fooling ourselves?

More than three months into the COVID-19 pandemic, which has created untold havoc along with widely vast death tolls throughout various countries in the world, issues still seem to keep popping up.

Take for instance No. 1 world ranked tennis player Novak Djokovic, who has been added to the COVID-19 positive test list but is asymptomatic.

TMZ.com reported the incident likely happened while he was partying with fellow players in Croatia before a tournament.

NASCAR has been back up and running, but controversy has been the norm of late.

The latest involved 15 FBI agents clearing anyone of a hate crime concerning a “garage pull rope fashioned like a noose” according to NASCAR’s statement about Bubba Wallace’s stall.

I was talking to my old college buddy about this and we were discussing aspects about the ordeal.

Somewhat haphazardly I brought up Jason Whitlock’s tweet on the subject after Wallace made a CNN appearance Tuesday night.

Whitlock, who is definitely intellectually honest, made his feelings known with a tweet that was short, simple and to the point — “This Don Lemon interview with Bubba Wallace is a bad look for Lemon and Wallace.”

It’s definitely not a good look. One thing which I suppose I should be super amped up and excited about is the return of Major League Baseball. I will say it was definitely a little weird to finally cover a baseball game this past Monday with Wood County Legion taking on Cambridge.

Former Roane County baseball skipper and WCL assistant coach Jeff Thompson joked with me that it had to feel good to get back out and actually cover a sporting event. Actually, it did, but it was still a little weird.

I told Thompson I was just glad I could remember how to keep score.

Going back to MLB, it was reported earlier this week two more Philadelphia Phillies tested positive for COVID-19, bringing the total to seven players for the team.

MLB is full bore and ready to go for its 60-game regular season, but who knows what that’s going to look like.

It will feature non-playing personnel wearing masks in the dugout and bullpen at all times along every other day COVID-19 testing.

There also will be a new injured list for players testing positive or having confirmed exposure through contact tracing. Despite the fact I play in a “friendly but ultra competitive” American League only keeper fantasy dynasty league, I’m not a proponent of the designated hitter.

However, I suppose considering the circumstances I’ll overlook the universal DH for the season.

I always have been a baseball purist, but I sure wasn’t behind the new rule where pitchers have to face at least three batters or finish the inning.

I’ll leave it to your imagination how I feel about the “international tiebreaker” rule where MLB now will place a runner on second base at the start of the 10th inning.

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