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Sometimes it’s just good to let out some air and take a deep breath.

I wouldn’t say that’s out of frustration or anything. I try not to go that route in general.

It seems like only yesterday it was all the sunshine and warmth anyone could handle.

Now, it’s feeling more like winter and maneuvering through this COVID-19 pandemic continues to present daily challenges.

Life presents those obstacles most times it seems even more frequently.

Attempting to figure out, for selfish reasons I suppose, what the odds are of everything starting on time for football season gets maddening to think about.

It can get one up early or keep a person wide awake at night. I ran across an article at scientificamerican.com recently from author Lydia Denworth, a Brooklyn, New York-based science writer.

When I reached the end of her pandemic piece, she noted of SARS-CoV-2 that it would live on “like most viruses, but not as a planetary plague.”

Relief and good news.

That’s one thing I always like to hear.

It’s like watching an episode of Brockmire, which stars Hank Azaria as a baseball play-by-play announcer.

At this point in the game, or I suppose I should say no game, I’m always up for pieces of joyous news or humor whenever I can get them.

Although nothing is set in stone, the proverbial ball is rolling still for Parkersburg Post 15 American Legion baseball manager Mike Goodwin and his crew.

Goodwin was set to enter his fourth year leading the locals. After his initial summer of 2017, Post 15 won just its third West Virginia State American Legion championship. That allowed the group a chance to experience tournament play in the Southeastern Regional.

A state title repeat wasn’t in the cards in 2019, but Goodwin and his staff watched the program have more better days than bad with a final 27-17 record. It’s been a month since the Americanism Commission announced all regional and national tournaments for the American Legion season were called off.

The Mountain State, which never announced the end to its season, is looking at trying to play for a month this summer.

What a glorious time that would be.

I was talking with Ritchie County baseball skipper Dan Vanoy the other day. He said if that happens he’d like to see a team with plenty of Rebel blood take to the field of play.

Of course, that’s going to depend on how things continue to progress with our current situation at hand.

Coming from a sports angle, I keep going back to thinking about what happens after summer break and it’s time for school.

Several states are exploring the real possibility of perhaps having a hybrid school format, where potential student-athletes aren’t going to attend school five days a week.

I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to work in the sports world should that come into play.

Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio, announced that could be the case in the Buckeye State. If such a reality were to happen in West Virginia, I can only imagine the devastation it would have on many rural athletic programs.

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