Last of the fall

I might be grasping at straws here, but officially we’ve got a few days of fall left.

Although it sure hasn’t seemed like fall for quite some time, the “winter” sports are in full swing.

I already have had the opportunity to take in a few basketball games and suffice it to say things are going to be pretty interesting by the time March gets here.

Before I continue on with some roundball thoughts, I wanted to point out a couple of things recently posted by Parkersburg South head football coach Nathan Tanner on social media.

Two things really stood out.

First and foremost, in case one didn’t know, the Patriot football team established a new school record this year by averaging 42.5 points (rounded up) an outing.

Also, coach Tanner recently noted he met with the PSHS middle school feeder programs and there were 40 rising freshmen who reported with having an interest in playing next year.

If coach Tanner and his staff can even get close to having 40 newcomers come out and stick with it, that would represent at least a two-fold increase from this year’s ninth-graders.

Although I could go on a diatribe about the new boys and girls basketball two-year trial run of having four classifications for hoops, I’ll just leave it at this.

When the smallest county in the Mountain State in terms of population — Wirt County — is moved up to compete at the Class AA level, one would think that might draw a red flag, but obviously it doesn’t.

It’s pretty sad I’ve already spoken with two current Class A head basketball coaches, and not the Tigers in Elizabeth either, who both are getting moved to Class AA. Their respective thoughts to me were in essence they would have a much better shot at making a run for a state title by going ahead and bumping up to Class AAA as opposed to staying in double-A.

However, the powers that be have spoken loud and clear on this matter and that’s where we are at today whether people like it or not.

As a scribe, especially when it comes to basketball games, one thing I like is a reliable scorebook keeper. One of the best was the late Keith Barker at Parkersburg South.

Many, many moons ago while I was still in high school I got the best lessons for doing the scorebook the right way from Betty Sees back during the Roy Alltop era.

Suffice it to say, she was a stickler for when the book was done, it was finished, added up correctly and balanced with the opposing teams’ book.

Often times I’ve found, not just this year, a lot of books don’t even put the first and last names of the kids playing in the game. That should be something which is done without even thinking about it.

Plus, a correctly totaled scorebook makes things so much easier on the head coach or the assistant when it comes to reporting scores to media outlets.

There’s never a reason the person reporting scores should have to add up the scorebook totals.

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