Social media marketing tips for small businesses

Since March of 2020 small businesses have been forced to look to Facebook more to stay in touch with their customers and to do business. This can be extremely stressful to a business owner if they are unfamiliar with Facebook and its constant changes. Recently we spoke with Kristin Meeks, owner of WV Social Media; Downtown PKB board member; and Facebook expert, to discuss upcoming changes to Facebook and how a small business can utilize this social media platform. Facebook has been changing constantly recently. Some may see these changes now or maybe seeing these in the near future. If you are an Administrator of a Facebook page you may have seen a makeover recently. Facebook is getting rid of the “likes” leaving just “followers” as who you can see on your page, which is the big one to watch.

I would recommend going into your settings quarterly and see what needs to be updated based on the changes in Facebook and make those updates. This will help you stay relevant on that platform.

Navigation between a personal page and a business page has become easier and you should be notified and not have to worry if you are posting as yourself or as the organization’s page.

Growing your Facebook page is a great goal for local business owners. One of the best things you can do is make sure you are creating good content. Don’t post just to post but don’t go on a Facebook vacation and not post. What is good content? Good content is things your fans and customers want to know about. Communication about what is going on within your organization or business is content that lets your audience know who you are.

I am constantly trying to help people make social media simple. I would recommend first giving yourself time each week to work on social media. Then make sure you have all the apps that are going to make creating and monitoring your social media easier. Some of my favorites are the Facebook App, Creator Studio, Business Suite, Canva and the Ripl App. The first three are from Facebook and the last two will help you create better content on Facebook.

Even if you have a good number of followers they may not be seeing all of your content. Facebook Groups have been growing (and Facebook is spending TV ad money on promoting them) which allows for more two-way communication with your potential customers. You could create a group of VIPs offering deals and specials, a group for a service or product you provide, or even just a group to allow people to know the newest news about your business.

Video is really the growth of Facebook in 2021. You can start with a simple Facebook Live using your smartphone and speaking directly to your audience. You can always take it up a level by using a third party app to create a video that is branded and promotes a product is something to put on your 2021 goal list. Those are my words of wisdom for using Facebook to market your business.

Kristin Meeks is the owner of WV Social Media, a marketing consulting, training, and planning business located in the Mid-Ohio Valley. She has been keeping Social Media Simple for Businesses and Organizations for the past 11 years. You can find her online at @wvsocialmedia or by visiting her website for free resources, online courses, or more information on working with her at www.wvsocialmedia.com.


Jessica Strickler is the Events and Marketing Manager for Downtown PKB.


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