Historic, Amish fiction

Historical fiction and Amish fiction will take readers to new places.

Switching between 2019 and 1988, two women are drawn to a lavish estate and the people there in “The Perfect Guests” by Emma Rous.

In 1988, its orphaned 14-year-old Beth who is being taken to Raven Hall, to act as a companion for the Averell’s 14-year-old Nina. While the two become fast friends, Nina’s mother’s instance they never leave the property and Nina’s insistence that Beth pretend to be Nina when her distant grandfather comes to visit leaves a dismal air over the estate. In 2019, its struggling actress Sadie who gets an invitation to take part in a murder mystery held at the manor who visits — where a fire once was a tragedy struck the family living there. What secrets are being held at Raven Hall? And what happened to Beth, Nina and the Averells?

There’s plenty of twists to be had in this mystery that keeps the tension ramped up as it switches between the two time periods drawing to its inevitable conclusion.

“The Perfect Guests” is published by Berkley.


Twins travel to another small town to look for husbands in “Double Dose of Love” by Kathleen Fuller.

Amanda has always been the reliable twin, while Darla has been a bit flighty. When they happen to see a newspaper ad about small town Birch Creek in need of Amish brides, Darla gets the idea to go and start a new life while Amanda is told by her parents to go along until Darla gets this latest fancy out of her head and bring her back home. In Birch Creek, twins Zeb and Zeke also share a responsible twin/flighty twin relationship. Zeke does everything to avoid responsibility and Zeb keeps taking on more than his fair share, including their new horse farm. While the two sets of twins meet and sparks fly, with Zeb and Amanda trying their best to keep Darla and Zeke out of trouble, will romances ensue?

This is a cute story of two sets of twins learning to grow up and be adults on their own terms and finding love along the way. It is another start of a great series for Fuller.

“A Double Dose of Love” is published by Zondervan.


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