Suspense novels to keep you guessing

After a tragedy, a family is torn apart. And then a woman goes missing in “Don’t Look for Me” by Wendy Walker.

Molly’s youngest was killed in a car accident, and Molly was the driver. Now she and her husband are distant, and her two remaining children are angry and sullen. One evening, Molly is out and doesn’t come home. Her family gets a note requesting they not look for her. Did she just up and leave, unable to cope anymore? Her daughter Nic doesn’t think so. So what really happened? And Meanwhile, Molly has car trouble and meets a man and a little girl who offer to help her for the evening as a large storm is brewing. But there is a storm of a whole different kind brewing…

This was an unexpected and different story that kept me wondering what was going to happen and would Molly be found.

“Don’t Look for Me” is published by St. Martin’s Press. It is $27.99.


Three different women share something in common – the same husband, even though they all know him by a different name in “The Three Mrs. Wrights by Linda Keir.

Lark is a young board game designer charmed by a one-night stand with an older man named Trip who says he might invest – in both her and her business. Jessica is trying to cure childhood cancer, and has found love with her hopefully soon-to-be divorced boyfriend Jonathan who recruited her to join his medical startup. And Holly has three kids and 20 years of marriage with Jack, even though she caught him cheating in the past. She begins to fear he is up to his old tricks and starts to investigate. And before they all know it, the three start to find their common link – Jonathan “Jack” “Trip” Wright.

This was a good suspense story of waiting to see when the women would catch up with what a scumbag their man was. I liked Holly and Lark, but thought Jessica was stupid, to be honest, with her boyfriend who has been “living separate lives” with his wife and just “has to portray a happy family because she’s crazy.” Holly was trying to keep her marriage and family together and Lark had absolutely no idea, but Jessica just seemed stupidly naive.

“The Three Mrs. Wrights” is published by Lake Union Publishing. It is $14.95.


A group of women’s past sins come back to haunt them in “Girl Gone Mad” by Avery Bishop.

Emily, now a successful therapist, once belonged to a group of girls who in middle school, savagely bullied another girl, Grace. The girl’s attempted suicide has prompted Emily’s career and all of her regrets. When her mother phones her to tell her one of the group has committed suicide, she is shocked. Attending the funeral with one of the group, Courtney, after reconnecting, the two are soon shocked with another of the group, Destiny, kills herself. And in the background seems to be Grace. Is she haunting them? Is she alive and harassing them? Or is this all their guilt manifesting?

With a sharp storyline and a killer twist at the end, this is a story that will resonate with many and keep readers on their toes.

“Girl Gone Mad” is published by Lake Union Publishing. It is $14.95.


A drunken evening ends in murder and accustations in “For the Best” by Vanessa Lillie.

Juliet Worthington-Smith seems to live an enchanted life with a great career and family. On the night her foundation kicks off a new program, the star recipient ends up dead with her wallet next to him and Jules remembers nothing about that night – because she was blindingly drunk. Now the prime suspect, she decides to find the truth on her own through a true-crime vlog, much like her also dealing with alcoholism father. With the help of an ex, she is determined to track down the truth – but she may not like what it says.

A hard look at justice and alcoholism, this is a story that will stay with readers.

“For the Best” is published by Thomas and Mercer. It is $15.95.


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