Look Back: Farm life fuels society

Agricultural Society

We have been turning in our mind for some time a process by which we could see the formation of an Agricultural Society. It presented itself on Friday in the assemblage here of gentlemen, from all parts of the county, when a few of them raised the interest and began in the right way.

It will be seen that the society is to be organized on Saturday next at the Court House. It is the West Virginia State Agricultural and Mechanical Society. We desire to see it put upon a footing that will secure the best ground, the cooperation of the people of the State, the Jockey Club, and the manufacturing interests. And everybody that knows anything, — let us get, say 600 subscribers, at $5, buy or lease the grounds, put up buildings and bring all the best men of the state here next fall to a fair that shall equal any to be found in any of the states in many respects. We have the best horses, as fine cattle, and can produce as good vegetables if we try. Let us try. The Fair is the place where all such things are pushed ahead. It is concentrated and known competition.

Parkersburg Weekly Times

Nov. 4, 1865


A Milk Combine

The dairymen of Parkersburg and vicinity, twenty-five in number, held a meeting at the office of J.W. Vandervort Wednesday night and formed a combine and entered a contract and agreement to maintain prices. All the dairymen except one signed the agreement, and an organization known as the Parkersburg Dairy Association was formed, the officers to be elected at a meeting to be held on Monday night.

It is claimed that the object of the organization is not for the purpose of raising prices, but to maintain prices at a living figure. There has been considerable cutting of prices and milk has been delivered to customers at 5 cents a quart, and under the new agreement, which goes into effect on Friday, Sept. 4, the price will be fixed at 6 cents per quart, and maintained at that price all the year around. The price of cream will remain the same as at present, and the wholesale price of milk and cream will also be fixed at a certain price.

Any of the members violating the agreement are subject to a fine to go to some charitable organization.

Parkersburg Semi-Weekly Sentinel

Sept. 5, 1899I



Paper Bottles

The West Virginia Paper Products Company of this city, whose plant is on Third Street, is now expected in a short time to be able to carry out its purpose for which the company was originally organized, that of the manufacture of paper milk bottles.

The company has secured the territorial right covering West Virginia and two or three other states for the manufacture of these bottles and about the time they were getting ready to take up the manufacture of this product, obstacles arose in which Charles F. Jenkins, the patentee from whom the territory was purchased, was enjoined in the courts, the claim being set up that he had infringed on other patents.

As soon as the details of this combination have been worked out the local company intend to re-organize their plant and will make the manufacture of paper boxes a secondary product.

Parkersburg Sentinel

Sept. 15, 1910


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