Look Back: Fish tales to reel readers in

Historical newspaper excerpts from the Wood County Historical Society

Al Enoch’s catch!

The Duquesne Fishing Club, of which Al Enoch is a worthy member, is having an outing near Beechwood on the Hughes River. Mr. Enoch has his family with him and for this reason his story regarding a fish he caught is pretty generally believed. George Keller and wife are also with the party and if the fish story were not true, Mr. Keller would not permit the circulation of the report.

The particular fish that Mr. Enoch caught on a trot line yesterday weighed 108 pounds. This is even a better catch than this same gentleman made last summer when he caught a 78 pound cat fish. To add interest to the story of his latest catch, Mr. Enoch says that when he was taking the fish off the trot line, a big frog near the water’s edge attracted his attention. The frog appeared to be frightened and ran up the hill and into a garden owned by a farmer.

The frog got tangled up in some cucumber vines and when Mr. Enoch next noticed it, it was “all bound round” and had difficulty moving. Out of sympathy for his frogship, Mr. Enoch removed the vines and incidentally secured therefrom, twenty-four cucumbers. Mr. Enoch and the frog are doing well.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

July 19, 1901

NOTE: In full disclosure, Bob Enoch is no relation to Al Enoch.


Penalty for dynamiting

We are requested to publish the section of statute in regard to killing fish with dynamite. It is as follows: “No person shall kill any fish by the use of dynamite or any other explosive mixture, or by the use of any poisonous bait, drug or food. Any person violating this provision of this section shall be guilty of felony and upon conviction thereof shall for each offense be confined in the penitentiary of this state for not less than one nor more than three years.”

As will be seen the penalty is very severe, but the parties guilty of this crime should get the full extent. It has been rumored that violations of this kind have been of frequent occurrence along the [Little] Kanawha and an effort will be made to have the parties indicted.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

May 22, 1902


Fishing Club elects officers

At a recent meeting of the Kanawha Valley Fishing Club, the following officers were elected for the ensuing term: President — Dan Schneider; Vice President — G.L. Hendershot; Secretary — William Buehler; Treasurer — Edward Nelly; Commissary — Theodore Hiehle.

The Parkersburg Daily State Journal

Feb. 4, 1903


Fishing excursion

There are a great many fishing excursions taken at present by Parkersburgers to available places along the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. Fishing has not been very successful so far this season owing to the muddy conditions of both rivers.

William Smith, Fred Smith, and Mickey Flynn formed a party which went down to Blennerhassett Island yesterday afternoon to enjoy the sport. They returned late in the evening, although there were no reports of them making any tremendous catches.

Charles Riddle, James Pickett, Charles Hendershot and Charles Riddle, members of the Happy Hooligans Club, will leave in a few days for up the river where they will enjoy a few days fishing.

The Parkersburg State Journal

May 12, 1904


Bob Enoch is president of the Wood County Historical and Preservation Society. If you have comments or questions about Look Back items, please contact him at: roberteenoch@gmail.com, or by mail at WCHPS, PO Box 565, Parkersburg, WV 26102.


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