Women’s fiction to read while stuck at home

Private school admissions will give plenty of laughs and drama in ‘Tiny Imperfections” by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans.

Josie is working as director of admissions at a prestigious day school in San Francisco to provide a good life for her daughter. Her alma mater, Josie was a scholarship student and she wants to give her daughter everything she worked so hard to attain. But Etta, now 17, wants to have her life her way, which brings both mother and daughter to clash. While dealing with all the ultra-wealthy parents at her school can dish out trying to get their children to the top, looking after a teenager and now best friend Lola insisting Josie give dating another try, Josie has plenty on her plate. With the help of her Aunt Viv, the school’s cook and who raised her and helped with her daughter, Josie has support, but is she in over her head?

This is a funny as well as endearing story that is a great read while stuck at home.

“Tiny Imperfections” is published by Putnam. It is $16.


Right now we all need something funny and uplifting, and this is the time for “Beach Read” by Emily Henry.

January has moved into her father’s secret home after his death and learning that he and her parents’ marriage wasn’t all it appeared to be. This has wrecked her world-view, and as a romance writer, she really needs to believe in love right now. A chance meeting brings her into the path of a former college crush and now next-door neighbor, Gus Everett, a brooding literary writer who is also holed up next door trying to write. While sparks immediately fly between the two of them, they make a creative bet – January will try to write literary fiction and Gus will try to write a happily-ever-after, and they will take each other on field trips to learn about their process.

This is a cute story that is a love letter to romance books and writing. I loved the two main characters and thought they had great chemistry and witty repartee. This is the kind of book we need to right now!

“Beach Read” is published by Berkley. It is $16.


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