Get mysterious with several novels

Readers who enjoy thrillers and mysteries will find several new books to put on their to-be-read pile.

New York Times bestselling author Mary Kubica releases the book that will soon be a feature film on Netflix with “The Other Mrs.”

Sadie and Will have moved to small town in Maine to care for Will’s teenage niece and get a fresh start after Will’s affair with a woman named Camille almost wrecked their marriage. Sadie is feeling at odds with Will, his strange niece and then a murdered woman’s body is found, causing the whole town to be disturbed. As Sadie gets more paranoid and suspicious every day, she also comes closer to the truth, which will be just as shocking to her as the reader.

Told in alternating chapters of Sadie, Camille and a mysterious character “Mouse,” this will leave readers guessing until the very end as the twists get extra twisted.

“The Other Mrs.” is published by Park Row Books. It is $26.99.


C.J. Tudor is back with another pulse-pounding thriller in “The Other People.”

Driving home one night, Gabe sees an odd car with an even odder sight — his young daughter in the back of it. Three years later, everyone believes his daughter, Izzy, is dead, but him. He has traveled road after road, searching for her and making questionable friends along the way. One of those lets him know the mysterious car has been found and there is a body inside. Meanwhile, a woman named Fran is also traveling some of the same roads with her young daughter, Alice, outrunning someone. What does the mysterious website The Other People have to do with both of them? What will people do for revenge? The answers may surprise you.

A mind-bending story of revenge, as well as parents and their love for their children, this one will keep you thinking.

“The Other People” is published by Ballentine Books. It is $27.


#1 New York Times bestselling author Lisa Gardner returns with her chilling “When You See Me.”

Flora, a survivor turned vigilante, is called by FBI agent Kimberly Quincy to the hills of Georgia when a body is discovered. Quincy believes it may have something to do with Flora’s kidnapper. She also calls in Sergeant D.D. Warren to help with the case.

As the three work together to discover the secrets of the past as even more bodies are found, they find a past that is coming back to haunt more than one person in the hills, as well as Flora. Will they stop a killer before another woman is claimed? Will Flora find a way to move on from her tragedy?

With an enthralling team and a creepy mystery, this will appeal to Gardner’s fans.

“When You See Me” is published by Dutton. It is $27.


New York Times bestselling author Graham Moore tells a twisted legal thriller in “The Holdout.”

When a 15-year-old heiress disappears and her young teacher is accused of an affair with her and her murder, the trial bringing a group of people together as the jury that will go on to notoriety, especially when one woman stands out as the lone holdout for the not-guilty verdict, gradually winning everyone else over. 10 years later, many believe the teacher was guilty and the jury got it wrong, including one member of the jury, Rick, who gets the whole jury together again as part of a true-crime documentary series. Maya, the original holdout, is now a defense attorney. Once she and Rick had a romantic relationship, now he has written a book about how terrible she was for turning them all to the not guilty verdict. Tensions between them are high, and Maya storms out, only to come back later and find Rick dead in her room. Before she knows it, she is now on the other side, accused of a crime and will need her own defense attorney. But who really killed Rick? What secrets are the jury holding?

And who would kill to keep them quiet?

With plenty of twists and turns that no one will predict until the very end, readers will love this novel from an Academy Award-winning screenwriter.

“The Holdout” is published by Random House. It is $28.

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