Spooky thrills in cozies

Find some spooky seasonal treats with new cozy mysteries!

Catering a bookstore opening brings the death of a customer in “Crypt Suzette” by Maya Corrigan, as part of her Five-Ingredient Mystery series.

Val already has plenty on her plate, and dealing with the mysterious Suzette living in the spare room at her granddad’s house isn’t a priority, even as her grandfather gets distracted with his ghost-buster business. After a costume contest at the bookstore Val is catering for, Suzette is the victim of a hit-and-run accident, but was it an accident or murder? Val is determined to find out as she tries to investigate Suzette’s past and her coworkers to find a cold-blooded killer.

A culinary and cozy delight, this is a fun story that will be a Halloween treat to read as Val is ready to unmask the killer.

“Crypt Suzette” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


A corn maze is the site of a murder in “Death by Jack-O’-Lantern” by USA Today bestselling author Alexis Morgan.

Abby is aiding her small town of Snowberry Creek get ready for their Halloween Festival. And the day she goes to pick up a pumpkin from Ronald Minter, she finds the farmer dead in the middle of his maze. While the police find a suspect in Kevin, a homeless veteran accused of trespassing and stealing pumpkins, Abby’s friend Tripp who has been helping Kevin, doesn’t think he is the suspect. The duo set out to prove Kevin’s innocence and track down a knife-wielding killer before they are the next to be a terrifying decoration!

With a seasonal setting and quirky characters, this will be a treat to cozy fans.

“Death by Jack-O’-Lantern” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


A zombie walk brings in actual dead boy in “Fudge Bites” by Nancy Coco, as part of her Candy-Coated Mystery series.

While the tourist off-season rolls in, Allie and her two pets are keeping busy with the fudge shop and a charity zombie walk. But when her cat, Carmella, walks into the alley and comes back with bloody footprints, Allie knows trouble is headed her way. With the help of officer Rex Manning, Allie is determined to solve the crime and spice things up with some delicious fudge.

Full of humor, adorable animals and some mystery twists, this is a sweet series for cozy mystery readers.

“Fudge Bites” is published by Kensington. It is $7.99.


A Halloween anthology comes from three authors in “Haunted House Murder” by New York Times bestselling author Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross.

In “Haunted House Murder” by Meier, Ty and Heather Moon have just moved into a reported haunted house and then a local boy goes missing near the property. Lucy Stone is determined to find out what is going on with the strange couple and what happened with the boy.

In “Death by Haunted House” by Hollis, Hayley Powell’s house is sitting next to an abandoned one that no one wants to live in after the former owner died under mysterious circumstances. When a new family moves in, the realtor that sold it to them disappears after a heated argument with Damien Salinger. Is Hayley living next door to murderers?

In Hallowed Out” by Ross, Julia’s small town is hosting a reenactment of a Prohibition-era gangster’s murder as part of the Halloween season. But the reenactment ends with a very real murder of an actor, and Julia is going to find out who did it before she is next for snooping.

There is plenty of cozy mystery fun in this Halloween-themed set of stories that will be a good introduction to new readers of the authors.

“Haunted House Murder” is published by Kensington. It is $26.


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