Mysteries will keep readers guessing

There’s plenty of new books out for mystery fans.

International bestselling author Louise Candlish looks at a situation many can relate to — bad neighbors — in “Those People.”

The small neighborhood of Lowland Way looks like a dream place, with lovely homes, neighbors that say hello on the streets and even pool together to have a block party — playdate for all of the children every Sunday. And then an elderly neighbor dies and her home is left to her nephew. Right away, the neighbors don’t like Darren and Jodie. They move in and don’t want to be friendly. They begin immediately starting loud renovations that never seem to get finished and play even louder music all night. They start running a car repair/car selling business out of their house, and parking old cars all over their yard and along the street, taking up valuable parking. And they don’t seem to care that they are annoying everyone, particularly their next door neighbors, a young couple with a baby. And then someone dies on the property. Had someone in the neighborhood finally had enough?

A deliciously wicked story, this book will make you think twice about playing basketball at all hours of the night or having loud arguments outside. Because you never know who could snap…

“Those People” is published by Berkley. It is $26.


Two women decide to open a matchmaking business and end up with a dead body on their hands in “The Right Sort of Man” by Allison Montclair.

Its 1946 London, and Miss Iris Spark and Mrs. Gwendolyn Bainbridge are ready to live independently and make their own income by setting up a marriage bureau, matching people who have similar backgrounds. Their newest client, Tille La Salle, seems high spirited, but might be a good match for Dickie Trower. Everything seems to be going along all right until Tillie is found dead and the police are sure Dickie did it. But the two would-be matchmakers are not. They set off to prove their client innocent and save their business by finding the real murderer before its too late.

With a fun historical setting and two witty heroines, readers will enjoy this duo.

“The Right Sort of Man” is published by Minotaur Books. It is $26.99.


A woman must return to her ex-fiance for help in “Over the Line” by Kelly Irvin.

Gabriella is shocked when a young college student stumbles upon her, dies at her feet, saying her brother’s name. What has he gotten involved in? And when she realizes she has attracted the attention of dangerous gun smugglers, she turns to her ex fiance and homicide detective, Eli for help, to find out why the man was killed and just where her brother is. But now that Gabriella is involved, she is in a lot of danger and must find a way to get along with Eli in order to survive. Or will their circumstances bring them closer together once more?

This is a fun suspense novel that is very different from Irvin’s Amish writings, and will definitely attract a new fanbase. Those who like action and suspense should check this one out.

“Over the Line” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99.


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