Thrillers will take readers’ breath away

There are several new thrillers that readers will never see coming!

First is a story of a long-held grudge in “The Spite Game” by Anna Snoekstra.

High school bullying follows Ava through her adult life. Back when she was part of the in-crowd, Saanvi, Cass and Mel were her friends. They had sleepovers, shared secrets and went to parties together. But after a cruel prank at a party one night when Ava was the target, everything fell apart and she was tormented until graduation. But Ava has been following the girls since high school ended over the years, watching Saanvi at her architect firm, Cass planning her wedding and saving Mel’s humiliation for last. At each turn, she does what she can to destroy their new lives. But is Mel watching Ava watching her? What does Ava know about Mel that most don’t? The truth will come out in one brutal conclusion.

A story of revenge, high school trauma and bullying, this is a story that will be talked about.

“The Spite Game” is published by Mira. It is $15.99 and 336 pages long.


Kelly Irvin looks at family secrets in her new suspense novel, “Tell Her No Lies.”

Nina and her sister were taken from her drug addict mother and into foster care. When they are swept away by a wealthy uncle and district court judge, the two see him as their father. Now as an adult, Nina’s life as a photographer and poet may not be the life he may have chosen for her, but she’s loving it. Her idyllic life comes to a halt when she finds him dead, murdered in his study, and she is the only other one in the house. While Nina looks like a prime suspect, she knows she didn’t do it. With the help of old boyfriend attorney Rick and photographer friend Aaron, Nina finds she has help, but can she trust them. And then she unearths a secret her father thought he kept hidden. Will his past come back to haunt her?

With plenty of twists and surprises, this is a story readers will be shocked by.

“Tell Her No Lies” is published by Thomas Nelson. It is $15.99 and 352 pages long.


What do you do when the person you love the most is a psychopath? That’s what Korede deals with in “My Sister, The Serial Killer” by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

Korede has always looked out for younger sister, Ayoola, who is the beautiful, favorite child. She also has the habit of boyfriends ending up dead, and leaving Korede to clean up the mess and the bodies. While Korede is secretly in love with a handsome and kind doctor that works at the same hospital she in Nigeria she thinks maybe someday he will notice her — until the day Ayoola walks in the door. When he only has eyes for her, Korede knows it’s only a matter of time before she’s getting another phone call about how he “attacked” her. But what will she do then? Is she finally tired of cleaning up her sister’s messes? A dark novel of sisterly love, this is a thriller that will bring humor and frights.

“My Sister, The Serial Killer” is published by Doubleday. It is $22.95 and 240 pages long.


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