Professional athletes make too much money

NBA Superstar LeBron James has the highest paying salary of any other professional basketball player, making just under $31 million annually. Athletes might have earned their way to fame, but being rewarded with an absurd amount of money just for playing a game is very unreasonable.

Doctors work diligently every day to help improve and save lives don’t make as much as you might think. A typical Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the United States receives $37,000 yearly for providing medical assistance quickly and efficiently. The average family physician makes $207,000 per annum and the highest paid doctors currently, orthopedists, who diagnose and treat musculoskeletal disorders, earn around $443,000 a year, according to businessinsider.com. Going through numerous years of medical school and training to supply the care people deserve should warrant more credit and pay.

Teachers spend their time educating the future of our country while receiving nowhere near a million dollars yearly. The median annual salary of a high school teacher is $57,659, although this number varies due to a wide range of components, according to salary.com. Our youth’s chance at being successful in subsequent years is in the hands of these noble educators, who have earned the right to higher pay and more respect.

Sports advocates may argue that athletes should be paid large amounts of money because they impact millions of people at once doing their job, unlike teachers and doctors who affect only hundreds at a time. The number of people does not matter in this case. The guidance offered from an astute educator to a struggling student, or from a knowledgeable medical practitioner to a deprived patient, can go a long way and stay with you forever. The advice of an athlete may not necessarily do the same.

Although athletes train their hearts out to obtain the prominence they have received, a person’s stature should not determine their earnings. Professional sports are a rigorous test of talent, skill and love for the game, but they should not entitle athletes to higher wages than those who deserve them most.


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