Green new deal a sham

The earliest proponent of the “green new deal” economic system wasn’t Bernie Sanders or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but Karl Marx (1818-1883). And no, Marx didn’t extol renewable energy, he proposed the “green new deal-style” global economic system.

During the industrial revolution, Marx observed England (and later the U.S.) prospering. His contempt for Capitalism inspired his one-world government vision, with two classes of people, the ruling elites and the working class; this we know from Marx writings, late in his life. His “Marxism” later became the inspiration for Communism.

Marx’s ruling class would control the world’s wealth, own fancy homes, eat the best foods, etc.

The worker class, the majority, would live like serfs, during the Middle Ages, toiling for their masters, confined to their homes, except to work. Sound familiar?

Today’s wannabe rulers dine in fine restaurants, fly around in their personal jets, and drive luxury cars, with zero concern for the environment, while lecturing us, about reducing our carbon footprint for the good of the planet.

Today’s elitists don’t care if we, “common people” sweat in the summer heat and freeze during winter in our homes, unable to pay the high energy bills, they have created, as long as they themselves, are unaffected. Nor do they care if we must eat bugs.

Environmental zealots have adapted Karl Marx’s vision for today’s “green new deal” socialist policies. Sadly, too many Americans are buying into the climate alarmists’ pipe-dream of a carbon-free utopia, which can never exist, because coal, natural gas, or nuclear energy will forever be needed to power our energy grid, to some degree, and more so if the U.S. goes to electric vehicles (EVs). Environmentalists never mention our electric bills will sky-rocket an estimated 400-600% powering our EVs, or the surcharge being levied on electricity to maintain our roadways.

The U.S. is continuing to reduce emissions, while China is dramatically increasing their emissions. Today, China’s emissions exceed all the emissions of the industrialized nations combined. Yet, the environmental nuts want the U.S. to make further cuts; while giving China a pass. Go figure!

In recent polling, 83% of Americans oppose the “green new deal,” Biden’s dismal poll numbers might improve if he would stop shoving this and other unpopular policies down our throats.

Steve Wolverton



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