Biden lying on guns

Biden, again, went before the cameras, lied to the American people and feigned moral outrage over the truly tragic school shooting, in Uvalde, Texas. If Biden’s outrage is genuine, where is his outrage over the 117,000 Americans, who died last year, from fentanyl entering the U.S. from Mexico? Biden could end this travesty, with a few strokes of his executive pen, by securing our southern border. Why doesn’t he?

Biden lied when he stated the original assault weapons ban worked, knowing it didn’t use Bill Clinton’s own D.O.J. figures. When the original ban went into effect, murder rates didn’t fail any measurable degree. When the ban expired there wasn’t any noticeable spike in murders. Then, why enact another useless assault weapons ban?

Biden lied, stating when the constitution was written it wasn’t legal to own a cannon. Actually, back then, many citizens had legally owned cannons. Biden fibbed when he claimed the second amendment or no amendment is absolute. The U.S. Supreme Court, in the Heller decision, ruled the second amendment absolute.

Biden told too many other whoppers to comment on. In recent polling a majority of Americans believe the government should enforce the laws already on the books before passing new gun laws. That 90% of Americans favor passing new gun laws is pure CNN fake news malarky.

None of Biden’s proposed new gun laws would prevent another Uvalde-style shooting, because Biden’s proposals target law-abiding gun owners, who are not the problem. Criminals and the insane obtaining guns are the problem, Biden doesn’t address. The Uvalde gunman, Salvador Ramos, underwent psychological evaluation for mental health issues, which didn’t show up in his background check, when he purchased his AR, because the FBI records weren’t kept current.

If the FBI database isn’t kept current, background checks may-as-well be eliminated. Salvador Ramos posted violent threats on-line. More FBI cyber agents scanning the internet for similar posted threats might prevent more Uvalde- style shootings. Having no chance of Senate passage, Biden has proposed a five-round magazine capacity limit and outlaw possession of the factory standard capacity magazines, ergo, unless five-round magazines become available, 99.9% of semiautomatic hunting rifles and semiautomatic pistols carried, by law-abiding citizens for self-defense, would be rendered useless. Biden seeks to eliminate firearms, by restricting magazines and ammunition.

Steve Wolverton



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