Why wait on masks?

After more than a year, many studies, health experts, riots and rallies and states’ differing approaches have shown that (as Dr. Fauci stated in the spring of 2020) wearing a mask does not significantly reduce the spread of COVID-19. Why wait until June 20? Call the governor and ask him to let the children breathe and live freely the last few weeks of school and beyond. It would be a great morale booster before the school year ends.

Any mental health expert will tell you extended mask wearing adversely affects a child’s cognitive development and increases stress, anxiety, psychological and physiological issues and depression, which sadly has led to skyrocketing youth suicide rates this past year of lockdowns and mask wearing. As WVU President Gorden Gee indicated in his spring speech, we must now address children’s mental health issues. Many children’s mental health issues now exist because of the lockdowns and forced mandate to wear controlling masks. When science fails, common sense must prevail.

Children should not be discriminated against or segregated for any reason, including those who chose not to get an experimental “vaccine.” There is growing concern with the push to promote this “vaccine” to our children without full disclosure of the potential side effects or any discussion of natural immunity. The decision whether or not to be a part of this experiment should be up to the parents, children and their doctor — not an employer or government mandate. We the people should be properly informed of potential and actual side effects before selecting to take this vaccine. We the parents should have the choice for our children to take this shot that may have unknown long-term side effects, or take a chance of getting the virus or flu.

Neither the seasonal flu nor COVID-19 will ever disappear, and we must all learn to live with both — without submissive masks that have adverse mental health consequences, and with the option of whether to get a shot.

We’re teaching our children to live in fear. If we live in fear, we are not free. That is not America. We are fearless, not fearful. Strong, not weak. Great, not bad. 1776, not 1619. If patriots were intimidated, the British would still rule. If frontiersmen were fearful, the west would’ve never been won. If brave and unified American men and women of WWII were scared, we would be living under global Nazi fascist rule. If entrepreneurs and capitalists were too frightened to take a risk, the U.S. would not be the greatest country on earth.

Americans and Mountaineers take pride in our country and state. We live by our state’s motto, Montani Semper Liberi — Mountaineers are Always Free. We the people must be free to pursue our God-given inalienable right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to make the best decisions for ourselves and our children.

John R. Davis



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