Educate yourself on threats

Today’s socialist Democrats know they can’t win, in the 2020 election and beyond, based on their position, on issues. Open borders, higher taxes, the Green New Deal are losing issues. They are pushing these issues while they have the presidency and legislative majorities.

Socialist Democrats are power hungry and seek a one-party federal government. They are pushing enactment of HR 1 and SR 1, which would remove control of elections from individual states, as granted in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Clause 2, and give control of future elections to the federal government.

Hence, Democrats wouldn’t need to win elections on issues. They could pass unpopular laws and retain power by manipulating elections in their favor.

The Democrats, also, seek to enact sweeping gun control, like the Feinstein Gun Ban, which is far worse than the expired 1994-2004 ban. This ban would outlaw 200+ specifically named firearms and magazines holding more than 10 rounds.

The Democrats want gun registration under the disguise of expanded background checks. The federal government would maintain 4473 forms to permanently track every gun and gun owner in America.

There’s HR 127, which would create a national gun licensing system and institute federal waiting periods on firearm purchases.

The Democrats seek to sue firearms manufacturers out of existence, by making them liable if one of their firearms is used in a crime.

The most dangerous threat to our gun rights is the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (U.N.S.A.T.), which would mandate a database of international gun “end users” and put that information in the hands of U.N. one-world globalists and anti-gun U.S. politicians.

Fox News and Newsmax have covered the U.N.S.A.T., but not enough. They interviewed prominent lawyers and constitutional scholars who agreed the U.N.S.A.T. would destroy our Second Amendment.

These experts’ opinions hold more credence than the opinion of a-dime-a-dozen law school graduate, who likely never studied constitutional law.

The only way our Second Amendment and Constitution will survive is if gun owners and all Americans remain vigilant and reject bills and treaties which threaten our democratic republic. An informed electorate is a socialist’s nightmare.

Anyone can educate themselves by reading the Constitution, Article VI — Debts, Supremeacy, Oaths, Clause 2, and decide for themselves if the U.N.S.A.T. poses a threat to the Second Amendment.

Steve Wolverton



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