UNSAT and gun ownership

The letters to the editor on March 7 included an absurd letter claiming the United Nations Small Arms Treaty (UNSAT) is going to cancel gun ownership rights in the U.S. Right-wing ding-bat garbage like that is the type of silliness we’ve come to expect from those who probably flunked 8th grade social studies when they were supposed to be learning about our Constitution.

I have no idea why that letter was even written. Maybe that writer was trying to frighten all the other former 8th grade students, who also flunked social studies back in the day.

The 2nd Amendment is not at risk from UNSAT. For anyone to think that the U.N. can casually alter our Constitution just shows how poorly educated some people are.

First, the U.N. treaty in question has absolutely nothing to do with controlling firearms in the U.S. All of the nations who have endorsed that treaty have agreed to monitor and regulate their small arms exports. The purpose is to prevent the sale of weapons to any nation embargoed by the U.N. because of terrorism or human rights abuses.

That’s all. There’s nothing sinister in that U.N. treaty relative to our Constitution. Under no circumstances can the U.N. influence gun rights in the U.S. Period!

It would take an amendment to the U.S. Constitution to end gun ownership expressly guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Any amendment would require a 2/3 approval by the U.S. House of Representatives and 2/3 approval by the U.S. Senate. After approval by Congress the amendment would then go to each of the 50 states for ratification. Ratification would require approval by 3/4 of the 50 states or 38 states signing off on ending the gun rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment.

Amending our Constitution is a unique legal process strictly limited to U.S. participation. That legal process is the U.S.’s private play-ground and nobody else, including the U.N., are permitted to play in it.

That obnoxious UNSAT letter is just looney conspiracy lies aimed at keeping the uneducated and the not too smart all stirred up. That letter contains nothing factual but it’s a good example of the make-believe trash available from the far-right alternate universe.

The chances of amending our Constitution to end current gun ownership rights is … zero.

Ralph Chambers



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