Fossil fuel dinosaurs want us to save them

This newspaper published another natural gas press release by Greg Kozera last week that was a classic piece of misdirection, like the Wizard of Oz demanding, “don’t pay attention to that guy behind the curtain” when the big lie gets revealed to Dorothy.

The situation in Texas was created by an industry in control of the state political machine since the 1930s, similar to West Virginia. Because they were awash in fossil fuels, Texans couldn’t imagine a time when those fuels failed them. They believed the fossil fuel companies’ propaganda that climate change wasn’t happening. And the public accepted every policy the industry wanted, including one that allowed the price of fuels to be set by supply and demand with no regulation. They cut themselves off from the rest of the nation’s power grid, so the rest of us wouldn’t steal their fuels, or force them to make their industry safe and affordable.

Climate patterns have been changing more radically every year for the past two decades. This year’s wild swings of the Arctic jet stream of icy polar air are a result of the overall warming of the planet that lets the jet stream wobble out of its historic path.

Kozera and his confederates are frantically trying to shift the blame for the debacle to renewable sources of energy, when reporting shows the industry failed to heed their own predictions about unstable weather patterns and winterize equipment. The companies drained the profits without taking responsibility to ensure citizens would have a reliable source of supply and now have the gall to charge people thousands of dollars for electricity that cost hundreds before the storm. Yet these companies have received billions in federal subsidies for decades and now expect the rest of us to rush to Texas with disaster relief funds.

Prof. Kathy Hipple, recently with the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, wrote this month about the delays on petrochemical cracker plants in the Ohio River Valley: “The economics do not make sense. This is an industry in distress. The oil and gas industry globally has been in distress long before 2020, when the pandemic hit. This has been at least a 10- or 12-year decline,” Hipple said. ” These companies don’t have access to the same amount of cash that they used to. On the local level, you’ve got an industry where they’re producing a tremendous amount of gas, but they’re not producing profits or cash flows.”

The buildout of the region based on natural gas hasn’t delivered as promised.

You know it, and I know it.

But Kozera hopes you don’t remember that, and keeps pushing fake facts so we’ll let fossil fuels squeeze the last bit of profit out of our communities before they take their private jets and move to Cancun.

Jean Ambrose



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