Another look at Trump ‘accomplishments’

The News and Sentinel printed a letter to the editor on Feb. 7 titled “Comparing Accomplishments.” That piece of ridiculous claptrap claimed to compare the so-called accomplishments of Donald Trump’s four-year term with President Biden’s first two weeks in office. Comparing four-years of Trump corruption with two-weeks of Biden’s honesty is an exercise in absurdity.

A letter to the editor doesn’t allow enough print space to refute all of those imaginary “Trump accomplishments” but I can cover a couple of the 19 items that he credited to Trump.

First, most of what that writer claimed to be Trump accomplishments were, in fact, acts of criminal stupidity. The best example of that is Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Our new State Department just announced that Iran is only weeks away from having their first nuclear weapon. Had the Iran nuclear agreement remained in place that Iranian weapon would not have been possible. The Iran agreement involved the USA and our European allies in routine multi-national inspections of all the Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran’s nuclear weapon would not have been possible had those inspections continued. The inspections ended when Trump pulled the plug on the agreement. Thanks to Donald Trump’s criminal stupidity, the world is only weeks away from having another rogue nation with weapons of mass destruction.

That writer gave Trump credit for developing the COVID-19 vaccine in record time. Horse-pucky! I guess that writer forgot about Trump’s March 2020 comments telling us that COVID-19 was nothing to worry about. Trump said, “the new virus would disappear on its own like any flu virus when warm weather arrives in April 2020.”

We’re now approaching half a million American deaths from a virus that Trump said would disappear, on its own, last April.

By March 2020, Chinese scientists were concentrating their research on understanding the genetic sequence of the COVID-19 structure. The Chinese were openly sharing all their genetic virus information with medical research labs around the world. They knew that would speed the development of a vaccine. Trump wasn’t smart enough to understand the scientific activity around COVID-19 so giving him credit for any phase of the vaccine development is just ridiculous.

Most of President Biden’s actions to date are executive orders aimed at reversing as many of Trump’s stupid moves as possible without waiting for congressional legislation to fix the problems.

Ralph Chambers



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