Moving on from Trump

46th President of the United States of America Joe Biden received 7,060,115 more votes in the 2020 elections than Donald Trump, 4.5 percent of all votes cast, and received 74 more Electoral College votes, 306-232. These votes were legitimate and legally cast. Biden even won more total states, 26 states to 24 states for Trump. This is observable fact and reality, confirmed in many states by Republican state elections officials and confirmed by many Republican-appointed or elected judges in the over 60 state and federal cases brought by the Trump campaign challenging the results.

Despite these observable facts, the Republican Party as a whole propagated, to one extent or another, lies and conspiracies about these election outcomes and helped Trump motivate what culminated in a domestic terrorist insurrection on Capitol Hill on Jan. 6. 147 Republicans in Congress even went so far, even following the attempted coup, as to vote not to certify certain states’ slates of electors for Biden.

The American people have spoken and they have repudiated the Trump administration. If you look at a Venn diagram of Trump’s presidency, the circles that intersect include a president who never won the nationwide popular vote; a president who never polled with majority support from the American people (a first since presidential popularity polling began); the first president in almost 30 years not to be elected to a second term; and the first president to be impeached twice. But the GOP got what they wanted out of him — including trillions in deficit-exploding tax cuts for the wealthiest persons and entities, massive and damaging deregulation (especially environmental deregulation), and a remaking of the federal judiciary in their image. To the GOP, this was worth the last four years of gross incompetence, endless corruption and ultimately a surge of traitorous, murderous cowards on the People’s House.

My hope is that as this piece is published, Trump has been convicted by the Senate and faces charges from the U.S. Department of Justice and the State of New York for his criminality and the threat that he and his most devoted followers still pose to the Republic.

Eric Engle



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