The sorest of losers

The Dec. 20 News and Sentinel printed a letter to the editor titled “Illegitimate President.” That letter was a rehash of the Trump lies we’ve been tolerating since the Nov. 3 election. A short, one-sentence summary of the garbage in that letter would be: Trump won the national election!

To label that letter as “confused” would be an understatement. Part of the narrative included the absurd fairy tale about Hunter Biden’s computer. Much of the text of that letter was borrowed from Trump’s version of alternative reality. It even managed to fit in a quote from Karl Marx.

Some people might give that Dec. 20 letter writer credit for attempting to itemize all of Trump’s Election Day complaints. They would be wrong. It wasn’t itemizing anything. Those 11 paragraphs were the babbling gibberish of a sore loser.

Trump’s legal team filed over 60 lawsuits to overturn the 2020 national election. All of those legal actions failed. They failed because all of Trump’s legal claims were based on lies and unsupportable conspiracy fantasies. There were lies about truckloads of stolen ballots and lies about computer program tampering and lies about crooked poll workers.

Now, try pushing those lies into a courtroom manned by experienced, demanding judges who expect to hear a legal discussion backed up by truth and facts. Keep in mind, those judges are intolerant of perjury. It’s one thing to tell a lie to the media. It’s a whole different story to tell the same lie in court under oath. Apparently, Trump’s legal team decided not to risk sharing any of their “truth or facts” while under oath.

Those state and federal judges all arrived at the same conclusions. There was no voter fraud in the 2020 election. There was no evidence of fraud in the vote count and no legitimate reason to doubt the vote totals in any individual race. That is precisely why all of those lawsuits, brought by Trump, were quickly tossed into the trash.

The Trump faithful are refusing to accept the reality of the Nov. 3 election. That’s their problem.

Some day, the smart Republicans will realize the smart thing to do is abandon the not-too-smart Trump faithful. When that happens, and it will happen, this nation can begin repairing the damage to our democracy caused by Donald Trump.

Ralph Chambers



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