An illegitimate president

In a Newsmax/McLaughlin poll, 34 percent of people polled who voted for Biden were unaware of Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegations against him and were unaware of the allegations Biden, his son Hunter and brother James received illegal money from China, Russia and the Ukraine.

In the same poll, 17 percent of those voters stated they would not have voted for Biden had they been aware of those scandals, which would have assured Trump’s re-election.

The fake news media repeatedly cited a lack of evidence for not covering the Biden family scandal. For evidence, there is Hunter Biden’s computer, emails with several whistleblowers. Hunter Biden is now under criminal investigation by the D.O.J. as I write this.

A lack of evidence didn’t stop the fake news media from covering the Trump-Russian collusion 24/7 for the past four years, until it was proven a hoax paid for by Hillary Clinton and approved by the Obama-Biden administration.

Last summer, the fake news media lied to Americans, telling us the riots with buildings burning and looting were mostly peaceful protests.

After four years of constant lies, these same liars expect us to believe them when they say there was no fraud in the 2020 election. With videos and thousands of eye witness sworn affidavits, the evidence is overwhelming. C’mon, man!

Remember Karl Marx regarded uninformed voters (and young people) as useful idiots.

If Biden had won the election fairly, he would welcome Trump’s legal challenges. If Biden assumes office without the voter fraud issue being resolved, Americans will regard him as an illegitimate president.

The writer of the letter titled “Crimes and punishment” in the Dec. 5 newspaper disparages those he disagrees with and lambastes those who disagree with him. If he can’t take criticism, he shouldn’t criticize others.

The writer criticizes people who take Trump’s “alleged” lies as the gospel, yet he takes fake news lies as the gospel.

He opines God is planning a generous reward for the 80 million good citizens who voted Trump out of the White House. I agree. God will reward those who voted a corrupt godless fool who supports the unfettered slaughter of unborn babies into the White House. I suspect they will not like the reward they receive.

Steve Wolverton



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