The real loss is if Biden wins

This is in response to the letter titled “dodging a bullet with a Biden victory in the Nov. 15 paper.

Apparently the author has been living on Mars for the last 12 years or watching CNN and MSNBC nonsense. A Biden victory means little hope and no leadership in the White House for four years.

If the author of said letter would care to write back and tell us the specific lies he alleges Trump has told, I’ll write back with my list of Biden lies.

Unlike Trump, Biden can’t coherently put two sentences together. The Democrats kept him in his basement to keep him quiet so he wouldn’t speak and embarrass himself, so his wife Jill wouldn’t have to correct him and explain what Joe meant to say.

Biden will dissolve Trump’s intelligent peace deals and fair trade policies.

During the second debate, Trump explained his taxes, which he (pre) paid. Too bad one letter writer wasn’t listening.

How much in taxes did Biden “the big guy” pay on the illegal money he received from Russia, China and the Ukraine, along with his son Hunter? We all know the answer.

As for the polls, pollsters in the tank for Biden deliberately skewed the polls in favor of Biden to demoralize Trump supporters, to discourage them from voting.

Trump gave us a roaring economy, which if not for COVID-19 would still be roaring. No one should be ashamed about voting for Trump, period.

As I write this, it is being investigated, did Trump lose or was (is) he being cheated out of a second term by voter fraud and rigged voting machines?

Voter fraud allegedly occurred in Atlanta, Ga., Detroit, Mich., Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pa., Phoenix, Ariz., and Las Vegas, Nev. All Democratic strongholds in otherwise red states.

Reportedly in Allegheny County, Pa., Dominion voting machines flipped 6,000 votes from Trump to Biden. Twenty-six counties in Pennsylvania use Dominion software. At least 40 states use Dominion software, in some of their counties. Anyone can do the math.

Dominion software was developed for use in Venezuela to keep Hugo Chavez and his successor in power before it was brought to the U.S.

If we dodged a bullet with Trump, we’re about to be hit with a mortar with a Biden victory.

Steve Wolverton



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