Numbers don’t tell whole story

The Parkersburg News Sunday, Aug. 9, edition ran a “letter to the editor” condemning U.S. Rep. David McKinley for his July 23 op-ed. The op-ed expressed McKinley’s concern about the United States relying on Russia, China, and the Congo for many of our rare earth materials, which are used in solar panels and lithium batteries. The critical letter was penned by local climate warrior Eric Engle, who rarely misses an opportunity to fill his letters with scary best guesses and partial facts about our impending climate destruction.

I will though, agree with one thing he said. McKinley would certainly look at this problem through a different lens than Engle. I am sure McKinley would use his engineering experience and his access to information in our nation’s capitol to help him reach decisions. It would appear that Engle would use his absolute belief that the world is dying from climate change to reach his conclusions. McKinley’s July 23 op-ed talked about several things, but his main point was that the U.S. should not be dependent on foreign unfriendly countries for necessary items. Engle seemed just fine with buying rare minerals to build solar panels and turbines form our enemy China. We have just seen how buying from China has worked out.

As Engle also typically does, he puts numbers in his letters that don’t tell the whole story, or that conveniently leave out needed info. He stated that there are 30-40 gigatons of CO2 put into the air every year. This has been happening for just a few years, but if you go back to the 1970s, the numbers were one half this. When these numbers were put in his letter you could reasonably have assumed that all these CO2 emissions were from fossil fuels. In 2018, the newest figures available, there were 37 gigatons of CO2 emissions, but only 10 gigatons were from fossil fuels. Just Google gigatons of CO2.

The fastest way that we could get CO2 emissions lowered is to convince China, India, and Malaysia to put scrubbers on their coal plants. I nominate Eric Engle to get that done. New age nuclear is the use of thorium, which can be mined in Nevada. Same power as uranium, but way less danger. Let’s start building the power stations now; but Engle says no, too expensive. He only wants to look at sun and wind. And finally, Mr. Engle, I would be very careful when making generalizations about McKinley, or his party. I am his party, and don’t like if you accuse me of liking this or that, or not liking this or that. If I were doing generalizations about you and your party, I might say that you are in the party of hate, and certainly in the party that backs criminals who are currently looting and burning many of our cities. You are in the party of just letting criminals out of jail, the party of illegals, the party of cancel culture, the party of less speech, and finally the party of censorship (big tech). I would never make these generalizations, though. I don’t really know you.

Brian Bennett

Washington, W.Va.


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