Treachery of authoritarianism

I have heard people say that what happened with the Nazis could never happen again. Unfortunately, we are currently witnessing a movement that — as occurred in Germany before World War II — is trying to lead America down the wrong path.

First, we are seeing monuments to history being removed. “We must forget who we are in order to change the United States.” This movement is teaching people to focus on the negative instead of the positive. No. We focus on the positive aspects because that is who we desire to be. Focusing on the negative leads us to reject the good things these people did.

Second, it is becoming unfashionable to disagree with anything from the left. We are called racist and a host of other names. This is straight out of “Rules For Radicals,” and a dangerous approach to the free exchange of ideas.

We need to stand up against this movement toward authoritarianism. Make no mistake, the agenda of the left is all about telling us all what we can and cannot do. This strategy is what allowed the Nazis to rise to power less than a century ago; don’t let it happen here!

Bill Fulton



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