A future for part of our past

What follows are excerpts from an email we recently received. It concerns the Carnegie Library/Trans-Allegheny building.

“Dear Preservation Society, I am a 16-year-old student at Parkersburg South High School and my name is Riley. During this pandemic, I have found myself very bored. I’ve always been interested in the old Carnegie Public Library building. I would LOVE to try and find a way to see the inside of the building but don’t know where to begin. I have always been interested in photography and would love to photograph the inside.”

I thanked Riley for her interest in local history and stated that as the situation regarding the building currently exists, it is very unlikely that access would be possible. In lieu of being able to do anything, I sent a couple interior views of the building.

She replied, “I absolutely love the beautiful staircase! I truly hope the case (ownership situation) will be a happy ending for the community. I talked to my grandparents about the library and the memories they had in it. Hopefully one day it will reopen and the younger generation will get to see inside!”

Thousands of Wood County residents and visitors have memories about the beauty of the Carnegie Library building. And probably every one of those still living would like to see the building somehow come back into the public domain. It has been in a state of deterioration too long. For the sake of the younger generation like Riley, will those involved in the legalities of the building PLEASE make an effort to resolve their differences before it becomes too late to save this beautiful building, which has been an asset to Parkersburg, Wood County and its citizens since 1906?

Thank you.

Bob Enoch

President Wood County Historical Preservation Society


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